A Guide To Pinterest


Pins are what Pinterest is all about: you “pin” images and videos onto various “boards” of your own creation, a la social bookmarking. Images can be pinned from the web or by uploading them from your computer or mobile device, and descriptions can be added.

A Guide To Pinterest - A Guide To Pinterest


Boards are how you keep your pins organised. You can create as many boards as you like, to house whatever particular sort of images have taken your fancy. For example, if you’re redecorating your home you might create a home décor board, and if you’re planning on getting a new haircut you might create a board of various different hairstyles.


As with all social networks, there is an option to follow other users. You can choose to follow everything a user posts or just one of their specific boards. The users and boards you follow are then featured on your home page and updated in real time.


You don’t have to go searching across the entire web to find things to pin; you can add things that other people have pinned by “repinning” them to one of your own boards. You can then add your own description, while still crediting the original pinner and source. It is the retweeting of Pinterest.

Liking, Commenting and Sharing

Staples of any social networking site, liking, commenting and sharing are all features found on Pinterest. If you “like” something somebody else has pinned it will simply be added to a separate page on your profile, rather than pinned to one of your boards. You can comment on other people’s pins, and any pins can easily be shared across Facebook, Twitter and via email.

How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is primarily used as a place for inspiration, particularly in the realms of fashion, travel, home décor, food, and any other industry with visual appeal. The written word has its place on Pinterest too, with text-based images featuring inspiring quotes fast becoming popular.

The inspirational nature of Pinterest means it has great potential for any businesses wishing to jump on the bandwagon. Brands based on visually appealing content, such as fashion labels, travel agents and design companies are likely to get the best results from incorporating Pinterest into their marketing strategy, as inspirational images can be used to guide buying decisions.

To make the most of Pinterest it’s important to actively participate by pinning, sharing and commenting where appropriate, and by making it as easy as possible for other users to pin your content.



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