A Guide to Twitter

Twitter is the home of micro-updates – and plenty of ’em. At only 140 characters were message, it’s a great way of sending out succinct messages and multiple updates throughout the day.

Twitter is widely considered as the social network for engaging with people and building relationships, due to its quick and conversational nature. For this reason, it’s ideal for businesses wanting to offer good customer service and build a large following.

Businesses set to Profit from Twitter Mobile Advantage - A Guide to Twitter

What Makes a Good Tweet?

Many people simply use Twitter to share their daily thoughts. Twitter is certainly a good medium for this, and sharing your thoughts and opinions is a fantastic way of portraying your personality online and of sparking conversation.

If you run a website or blog, Twitter is an instantaneous way of keeping people up to date with your most recent offerings, which is useful for keeping your fans and friends informed. The wonderful thing about Twitter is that it’s a free-flowing stream of information, meaning it can be used quite easily to repeat the same messages throughout the day without irritating anybody – because the chances are, if you send the same tweet out at several points during the day, your followers will only see it once – perfect for getting maximum exposure for your latest blog post.

Sharing and curating other people’s articles from around the web is arguably one of the best things about Twitter. Doing so is an incredibly powerful way of spreading news that’s important to you and your followers, and if you keep on top of and alert people to the latest advancements in your field, you’ll become known as an expert in your industry – which can only be a good thing.

What Apps Should You Use?

Twitter is a great tool for businesses, but it can be hard to keep up with – particularly if you’re involved in multiple networks and have a strong following. Fortunately, there are a number of apps to help you keep on top of the game:

Hootsuite is a browser-based app that allows you to keep track of and organise all your social media profiles. It’s useful for sending out scheduled tweets and managing campaigns, which makes it incredibly valuable for engaging with your customers and building a powerful brand.

If your social media marketing is based strongly around Twitter, you might prefer a Twitter-specific app. In which case, Twitter’s own TweetDeck may be just the thing for you. Useful for power users and businesses alike, TweetDeck boasts a multi-column view that can be used to filter your feeds into manageable groups and allow you to navigate the content more easily.

If you want to take your tweeting to the streets, Echofon is a great app that allows you to tweet easily from mobile devices. Most platforms are supported, and it has a super-clean and user-friendly interface.

Whether you’re using Twitter for business or personal use, it truly is a great social network to be a part of, particularly if connecting with like-minded people and having stimulating conversations is important to you.



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