Amplify and conquer: why effective content distribution is important

We tend to associate the word ‘amplification’ with supersonic speakers and oversized sound systems, but more recently it’s been used not in relation to sound, but to content.


What is content amplification?

Put simply, it is the distribution of content to a target audience across multiple platforms. These platforms include paid media (PPC and remarketing), earned media (blogger outreach and guest blogging), and owned media (your blog, social media channels and email newsletters).

Content creation, content marketing and content amplification should all go hand in hand. Don’t allow content amplification to become an afterthought; an integrated, well-executed amplification strategy can make all the difference to your conversions, leads, sales, website traffic and, ultimately, bottom line, while expanding your brand’s message and building awareness.


content amplification 1 - Amplify and conquer: why effective content distribution is important


Why is content amplification important?

The sheer number of blog articles published every week on WordPress sites alone is staggering, though we won’t stagger you with statistics. Why, then, assume that your content will receive a lot of attention and approbation if you haven’t bothered to invest time (and sometimes money) in its promotion and distribution?

Rule One: don’t overlook or underestimate the importance of content distribution.

Rule Two: don’t overlook or underestimate the importance of effective content distribution.

Your latest blog article might be well-researched, flawlessly punctuated, syntactically fluent, incisive in its arguments, loaded with witticisms and aphorisms, crafted to appeal to your target audience, and perfectly formatted when on the page, but if no one actually reads it save your good self and a few curious work colleagues, what’s the point? Harsh words, but true.

It’s one of the many injustices of life: you have an excellent blog article now published on your website, but no one is reading it because you haven’t made the effort to promote it properly. Meanwhile, another blog article of little to no merit or substance is being read by thousands of readers simply because a marketer in the background understands the importance of content amplification.

It’s time to get your content in front of the right people and a wider audience.


How to distribute your content effectively

Perhaps the first question should be: how effective is your content? You won’t be able to measure how effective your content really is until you distribute it out to the world. Pull your amplification strategy together and give it a try. But in the meantime, here’s a few ways to distribute or ‘amplify’ your content:

  • Connect with influencers on social media – the aim here is to encourage an influencer (an individual or organisation with authority in your field) to engage with an article or piece of content you’ve published, whether it be sharing it, liking it or commenting on it. You can also share or comment on an article an influencer has shared on social media, or write an article you know will pique their interest.
  • Unlock LinkedIn’s potential – more and more businesses are promoting their content by way of LinkedIn Sponsored Posts. Sponsored content allows a business to extend the reach of its content beyond its current followers to a targeted group of LinkedIn members.
  • Boost your posts on Facebook and set up promoted tweets.
  • Launch remarketing – Both Facebook and Google allow you to serve banner ads to your existing website visitors. You can use these to promote your new blog post and encourage further clicks.
  • Look to content recommendation sites like Outbrain – content discovery platforms like market leader Outbrain have been around for about a decade. You can become a ‘customer’ and then Outbrain will share your content on reputable websites, making it accessible to audiences via a ‘you might also like’ section.
  • Email a teaser to your database – write a short introduction to your blog describing what the reader will learn from it. Don’t reveal too much, but encourage the reader to visit your blog article by visiting your website.

Buzzfeed’s former pupil Jonathan Perelman perhaps put it best: “Content is king, but distribution is queen and she wears the pants.”


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