Boring content is bad for Facebook

A recent study that claims more and more people are getting bored of Facebook and Instagram left us scratching our heads. Are people really bored with Facebook?

facebook - Boring content is bad for Facebook

The study by online analytics firm SimilarWeb says that social media users are now giving preference to more private and more personal apps like Whatsapp. So is it time to panic? Many property professionals we work with understand just how important social media is as a marketing platform and rely on Facebook to generate new business leads.

If this research is true, it’s definitely not good news. But is it?

We started digging around for research that contradicts SimilarWeb’s findings and came across data that reveals Facebook is actually growing in popularity. TechCrunch reports that in the first quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.65 billion users – up from the 1.59bn users reported for Q4 in 2015.

Not only that, eMarketer is predicting adults in the US will be spending 23 minutes per day on Facebook in 2018 compared with the 22 minutes per day they currently spend.

Those Facebook users are not confined to young people. In the UK, data from Statista shows there are 6.4 million Facebook users aged between 40 and 49, while this figure rises to 8.1 million for the 30-39 age group.

Art Division’s own data reveals some of our most successful digital campaigns run for clients in the property sector have been Facebook advertising.

We believe that Facebook remains as strong as ever, but there are things a business can do to stay at the top of its game in social media and keep its followers engaging in your content. After all, if the content you post is boring, your readers will stop engaging with your brand.

According to Neil Patel (a digital marketing blogger and co-founder of Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics) you might want to start by paying attention to the fact that digital marketing will comprise of approximately 75% of marketing within the next five years or so.

5 ways to engage and grow your followers

1. Get your timing right

Post updates on your business’s Facebook page between 9pm and 11pm in accordance to the time zones of most of your followers. This is because at those particular hours the engagement among the users is at its peak.

2. Make the most of the weekend

Weekends are the best time to make your most important business posts because the interaction is very high, especially Sundays as opposed to the weekdays.

3. Go easy on hashtags

It has been revealed that Facebook posts that do not contain hashtags get 34% times more interaction that ones with hashtags.

4. Post frequently and consistently on Instagram

And please do not post deathly boring content. Being consistent in our posts will not only keep you at the top of your followers’ timeline but also engage your big time.

5. Gain a competitive advantage

Host some photo contests among your followers, this is according to social media examiner, and use a particular hashtag to promote the contest which will in turn promote your business.

It is always crucial that you examine exactly how you can make your posts interesting because statistically speaking, boring posts are the reason why people are bored with Facebook and Instagram. Things can start to get a little stale in terms of engagement if all you post is not so fun information about your business but hopefully with the strategies pointed out above you will be in a position to awaken your followers and get them to engage more.

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