Is your business ripe for a rebrand?

A brand is a living, breathing entity. It is constantly evolving. By looking at it in this way you’ll soon appreciate the importance of a timely rebrand. When a brand appears lacklustre or outdated to its target audience or no longer reflects the nature, spirit and philosophy of the company, then a rebrand may be necessary.

time for a rebrand - Is your business ripe for a rebrand?


A rebrand is all about connecting with new audiences, differentiating your company’s service offering from that of your competitors, shifting your position within a given sector, and allowing you to stay fresh and relevant within the marketplace. As a company evolves, its goals evolve with it. A rebrand is a way of making sure your brand identity reflects new goals, a new message, or a new purpose.

Take Rightmove, for example. The online house hunting portal has virtually taken over the UK property world, aided by the emotive power of its two key messages: ‘help make the right move’ and later ‘find your happy’. But last year, Rightmove rolled out changes to its brand with an aim to alter its visual identity and ‘humanise’ it. The company’s new goal was to convey the humanity behind the big brand, while retaining the ‘find your happy’ message. A humanising approach can help a company forge an emotional connection with their audience, and this is what Rightmove hopes to achieve by rebranding.

Many global brands with an instantly recognisable identity have made a success of rebranding, whether it be Apple, Burberry, or Coca-Cola. But what if you operate on a much smaller scale, and fear a rebrand might alienate your local audience or loyal customers? Whether you’re a global brand or a small, independent outfit, if your goals and philosophy have changed over the years and you feel a fresh approach is needed, in-step with where you are now, then follow your intuition. A SWOT analysis should help you determine whether a rebrand is necessary, but if you feel your brand is dated, your message stale and no longer representative of who you are as a company, then take a deep breath, plan a strategy, and rebrand.

Why rebrand?

Through a rebrand you can:

  • Reposition your business within the industry, thereby reasserting your presence in the marketplace. This is especially useful for smaller businesses that need to work hard to stand out from the competition
  • Diversify your service offering
  • Expand the business – a smaller business may want to rebrand before it expands its size or services
  • Stand apart from your competitors
  • Revivify your brand image and update your brand identity
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Change your message and the way you communicate with customers
  • Restore or alter your company reputation

What are the benefits of rebranding?

The benefits vary from business to business and may depend on the goals you set out to achieve during the planning process, but a rebrand can:

  • Boost your bottom line
  • Increase sales/leads/enquiries
  • Boost your company reputation
  • Strengthen the brand generally, which will bring its own benefits
  • Increase market share

Rebrands can prove the making of some businesses, large or small, and in any industry. Take one of our clients, M&M Property. M&M Property is an independent estate and letting agent with a single office in Newington Green, Islington, London. Marji Adeyinka, the company’s founder, oversaw the rebranding of her business last year. A new business website was launched around the same time. The rebrand and the new website have contributed to a rise in enquiries and improved rankings in Google.

before and after MM - Is your business ripe for a rebrand?


We spoke to Marji about why she chose to rebrand the business when she did, and how, if at all, the rebrand has benefited the business.


What made you decide that a rebrand of your business was necessary?

After 12 years of service, our previous brand was starting to look dated. It no longer fully represented who we are as a company. We have evolved over the years, and wanted a new image to reflect that.

What were the goals of the rebrand?

The goal was to showcase M&M Property as the boutique estate agents of Newington Green, Islington. Professional, stylish, modern and welcoming. We were also keen to reflect the mood of the area, which has also seen vast changes over the last seven years.

Did the rebrand deliver any commercial benefits? And if so, what?

The rebrand has certainly reaped its benefits. Nearly a year after the rebrand, we still have people walking into the office just to talk about the quirkiness of the décor and to compliment us on the new look. Most people we go out to visit tell us they have more confidence in the new brand. Following on from the launch of our newly branded website, we saw an immediate boost in enquiries.

Would you say the rebrand of the business was, overall, a success?

Overall, the rebrand was a great success. The process was detailed and lengthy, and we were concerned that there may be issues with people marrying the old brand with the new, but it was certainly worth the effort and we are told now that we stand out even more than before.

before and after MM shop f - Is your business ripe for a rebrand?


A few tips, if you decide to rebrand…

Tip 1:

A rebrand is a big decision; it involves more than changing the colour of your company logo. A rebrand takes into consideration your entire service offering and the way in which you communicate with your clients or customers, whether it’s over the phone or via social media. So think beyond visual marketing.


Tip 2:

Plan, strategise, and plan again. Don’t embark on the rebrand without vision and real planning. You need to set goals, then build a comprehensive rebranding strategy from scratch with those goals in mind.


Tip 3:

If you’ve built up a loyal band of customers, remember to show loyalty in return by letting them know in advance about the rebrand. An announcement on social media or an email should suffice. Not only will your customers be expecting the changes, but you can take the opportunity to assure them to expect the same good service. Keeping your customers in the loop will also make them feel a part of the journey as your business enters a new phase – and more likely to remain loyal to your business after the rebrand is rolled out.


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