7 Marketing Tips To Get You Started In 2020

​I have a feeling you are hoping to make 2020 your best year yet! Am I right?

I have spoken with around 30 agents over the past 6 weeks, and this seems to be the common question - "how can I grow my business in 2020?"

Success, however, does not come by just hoping for it. One of the key ingredients for growth is dedicating quality time to proper PLANNING.

What does success mean to you? Twice as many clients? More profit? More free time?

Whatever it means to you, I thought the best gift I can give you, ​is to help you plan for it.

I have put together a series of tips (they are no longer than 5 min each) on how to plan a successful 2020 digital marketing campaign! 

Tip 1 - Start with the WHO

​Who is your ideal client...

Tip 2 - Dig into their key problems

​Find out what are the key problems your ideal client is currently facing…

Tip 3 - What is their desired outcome?

​Write down the best outcome of your ideal client...

Tip 4 - Plan your marketing assets

In this video, I give you ideas on various assets that you can create to help your ideal clients on their journey….

Tip 5 - Choose the channels you will use

You've created the content, but how do you get your ideal clients to engage with it?

Tip 6 - Ensure you connect all the dots

​Keep in contact with your prospects...

Tip 7 - ​Track, measure & improve

​If it works well, rinse and repeat!

Need ​help with ​your marketing strategy for 2020?

​​Book a free consultation with me.

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