Digital Marketing ​For Estate Agents

We help estate & letting agents in the UK grow with profit by attracting and converting more clients (vendors and landlords) through effective digital marketing.

For companies in and around Putney, SW15

How we help Estate and letting agents compete online?

Most of our estate agent clients want us to generate more leads from their website. To do that, we focus on 3 main aspects:


These campaigns aim to reach prospects who have not yet engaged with the brand. They could be actively searching to buy, sell, rent or let a property, or could be of certain characteristics which match those of the targeted personas.

Typically, we run our acquisition campaigns on Google and Facebook. (Read more about our social media marketing for estate agents)

The number of new leads we can generate depends on the budgets we have to spend with Google and Facebook and the area the agency covers (the cost per click with Google for an agent covering Battersea is a lot higher than an agent covering Brixton, for example). Ultimately, the more expensive the area, the higher the budget an agent needs to allocate per campaign, however the returns will also be higher.

​Conversion ​

Often the problem with lead generation is not the lack of quality traffic but the poor user experience on an agent’s website, or the lack of proper call to actions.

For agents with old sites (and by old we mean over two years), we would typically plan and design a new website with their customers’ acquisition strategy in mind. (Check out our latest estate agency template websites on offer) For established brands with existing traffic, we have in the past managed to increase the number of enquiries after launching a new site with as much as 500%.

For agents with existing sites which have recently been launched (by recently we mean within the past 2 years), who do not wish to invest in a new website just yet, we offer our 360 degree assessment service. This is an in-depth analysis of their existing website which allows us to better understand the website’s performance and provide actionable recommendations.

Once our recommendations are implemented, we expect the conversions from the existing traffic to increase by at least 30%. In many cases, it only takes one new conversion from those leads to cover the investment for the improvements – a no brainer in our view.

​Retention ​

These types of campaigns are our favourite. They cost the least and produce the best results, yet very few independent estate and letting agents actually invest time and money into them.

When was the last time you communicated with an old buyer? Or a landlord you never converted or one that just used your services to find them a tenant? Telemarketing is very time consuming, and if your sales team is busy dealing with new enquiries, who is nurturing your old leads?

Our retention campaigns aim to increase your repeat business, be it through recommendations or simply by encouraging existing clients to engage with you again. They work very well if you have a new service you want to introduce to existing clients or run a special promotion.

Our retention campaigns include email marketing and remarketing – this is the clever banner advertising using the vast network of Google partners as well as Facebook.

​Are you and estate ​or letting agent looking to grow or gain a bigger market share?

Do you find digital marketing confusing?

We offer 3 types of targeted campaigns to estate and letting agents in the UK:

​LANDLORD campaigns

​Whether you manage short or long, holiday or commercial lets, winning a new landlord takes time. You need to earn their trust and build a genuine relationship before you ask for the business.


​VENDOR campaigns

Do you help vendors to sell their homes, arrange the mortgage, legal documents, insurance, the move or refurbishment project? Whatever your service, if it helps home owners to solve a problem, we can help you find them.


​Whether you are an estate agent or property developer looking to promote a new-build development, a conveyancer or mortgage adviser, a portfolio manager or any other business helping buyers or investors to achieve their goals, the best way to attract more customers is through digital marketing.


What Our clients say about us...

The team is extremely knowledgeable and is always ready to provide advice, always up to date and one step ahead of everything.

Michelle Antoni
Paramount Properties

Art Division’s work on our Facebook campaign and marketing strategy have made a significant difference to our business. Despite a 30% reduction of our media spend, we saw a 80% increase in the number of leads we got each month and a £200 reduction in our cost per lead, which has been pretty remarkable!

Noa Shalev
Kabbalah Centre Israel & Europe

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