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Do you need leads, enquiries and sales, right now? Are you offering a fantastic product or a service that you must ensure gets immediate exposure without having to wait for your organic campaign to work? If the answer is yes, then Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is right for you.

Do you need leads, enquiries and sales, right now? ​If the answer is yes, then Google’s Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is right for you.

How does pay Per Click
Marketing work?

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing campaigns are one of the most successful methods of driving traffic to websites. PPC Advertising, as the name suggests, refers to its pricing model. You get charged when someone clicks on your advert and visits your website. Those adverts are typically shown within the first 4 results listed in a Google search results page. PPC is a fantastic way to increase conversions for new and established websites. It is very easy to measure how profitable the traffic is as it’s very trackable and therefore it can be switched on or off on demand.

conversion - Paid Media Campaigns (PPC)
ppc management - Paid Media Campaigns (PPC)

Art Division Can help with your pay per click management by providing:

  • Detailed research and data analysis assessing the profitability
    of a paid campaign for your business
  • Campaign setup or restructuring, ensuring a solid foundation
    for sustainable future growth
  • Ad copy and technical setup around the selected keywords and audience
  • Landing page design, build and copy writing, including A/B
    testing options for maximum conversion optimisation
  • Monthly reporting, ensuring complete transparency and
    ultimately ensuring we meet your goals

At Art Division, everything we do is driven by data and our PPC service is no different.

PPC Management Pricing

All pricing for PPC management is charged based on the number of hours or days we need to plan, build and manage your campaigns.

We will assess your campaigns and provide a quote for the time our team will need to setup your campaign. This will be a one-off charge. We will then provide you with a quote for the number of hours we require on a monthly basis to manage the campaign and ensure the best ROI. Budgets for ad spend (clicks or impressions) are separate and are payable in addition to our fees.

Our hourly rate is charged at £85+VAT.

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Art Division is a Google Partner

Our Google Partner status means we get direct access to Google’s team to assist with campaigns.

Did you know that PPC visitors are 50% more likely to purchase something than organic visitors?

How well does your PPC campaign perform?

​What Our Clients Say About Us...

The team are great to work with and are constantly in touch with fresh ideas for various aspects of the site. The whole site has become a much more friendly system to use for both us as the owners of the site and also clients who are finding us on page 1 of Google now.

A Boscawen
Best Gapp Estate Agents

We engaged with Art Division to build our new website and run a digital marketing campaign in order to increase our enquiries, as they came recommended and we also liked their personal approach. As a result, the month following the launch of the website was the busiest of the year for us. What we like most about working with the team is that they are one stop shop for both web and marketing. Please keep providing ideas on how we can improve our marketing.

Marji Adeyinka
M&M Property
Google remarketing campaign

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What Our Clients Say...


Michelle Antoni

Paramount Properties

The team is extremely knowledgeable and is always ready to provide advice, always up to date and one step ahead of everything.

​Our website traffic had increased by 52% when compared the same month 12 months prior - this has had a very big impact on the number of enquiries. Our sales negotiators are keeping very busy indeed.


​Charlotte Simons

​Robert Leech Estate Agents

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