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Successful local SEO campaign

There are three core elements which determine the ranking of a website for a selected phrase:

  1. Technical SEO – Google looks at how well a website is structured, including loading speed, coding, usability, and accessibility.
  2. Content – Google looks at the content on a page and accesses its relevance to the performed search, i.e. is it well optimised?
  3. Credibility – how many other relevant sites link to the website in question.

To rank a site on page one, you need to ensure all three elements are addressed correctly. 

Our local SEO services are designed to help you with that. 

​when ranking a site we take a two-step approach

Step 1: we perform a ‘360 SEO assessment’ of your website. This involves highlighting any areas which require improvement and looking at your competitors to assess where the opportunities lie. This assessment forms the plan of action for an ongoing local SEO campaign.

Step 2: to ensure a website’s continued success, we offer a bespoke, monthly search engine optimisation (local SEO) service which aims to maintain and improve a website’s performance.

We specialise in digital marketing and SEO for companies within the property sector, including estate and letting agents. This means that we know how to successfully rank a website in Google, and know exactly how the industry operates, making our campaigns not about ranking but about generating enquiries.

We have a strong relationship with numerous property publications, and we run a few of our own such as Property Division News Hub, allowing us to quickly and easily build credibility for each of our clients.

Local SEO Strategies and beyond

Our local SEO services are geared towards business growth. As DigitalMarketer certified partners we use a tried and tested approach, called the Customer Value Journey (CVJ), to turn strangers into customers and customers into brand advocates.

There are 8 steps in our approach and as part of this process, we utilise channels such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. 

Art Division also make mobile responsive and user-friendly websites that are geared to attract new business leads.

We believe design matters, as does usability, speed of loading and engaging copy.

And we can help you with all of that.

​​Did you know that 72% of consumers who did a local search visited a business within five miles. ​

​​Can prospecting ​clients find your business in the local search engine results?

What is the price for Local SEO services in London?

We are never the cheapest, and never will be. 

When it comes to digital marketing and SEO services, we believe in doing things properly. It’s worth putting in the extra effort to produce something that stands head and shoulders above your competitors.

We always quote individually for each project, our prices are based on the time we require to build your website.

Most of our marketing and web development time is charged at £85 +VAT per hour.

What Our clients say about us...

The strength of Art Division, through all the activities they have done, means we not only have a website that looks fantastic, it’s actually fit for purpose and produces quantity and quality enquiries which is ultimately resulting in great conversions. I would recommend Art Division to lots and lots of acquaintances and business colleagues, they are very good at what they do.

Neil Jennings
Assetgrove Lettings

We engaged with Art Division to build our new website and run a digital marketing campaign in order to increase our enquiries, as they came recommended and we also liked their personal approach. As a result, the month following the launch of the website was the busiest of the year for us. What we like most about working with the team is that they are one stop shop for both web and marketing. Please keep providing ideas on how we can improve our marketing.

Marji Adeyinka
M&M Property

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