Email Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

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Over the recent years we have seen many new types of digital marketing strategies starting to emerge, particularly with the rise of technologies such as voice assistants, smartphones, and social media.

However, despite its relatively old age in the industry, statistically email is the most powerful tool for advertisers to utilise for their marketing strategy, and businesses should be taking its many benefits into consideration.

If you want evidence about how effective this technique can be, take a look at the infographic below which gives you a number of case studies and hacks from companies where this strategy has really worked.

One of the hacks included is how to create the perfect email subject line, which is incredibly important when it comes to creating a successful email. If the subject doesn’t catch the reader’s attention, then they may not even open the email in the first place. The company Money Dashboard boosted its number of clicks by 228% by simply using a creative subject line.

Some other hacks include information on the preheader texts and the various dos and don’ts, what sender names to use, details to make sure that you are choosing the right target audience, how to personalize emails, the effective use of call to action buttons and videos, and much more.

Just by taking a look you could improve your overall marketing strategy and it could give you the boost that your business may need.

Email Marketing Optimization Hacks  Case studies 2 - Email Marketing Hacks You Need To Know

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