4 ways your business can use Facebook Messenger bots

There’s always ‘the next big thing’ in marketing, something people really get excited about.

Chatbots are not a new thing, though in technology terms they are still in their infancy. But use of chatbots is growing. People are actively choosing to converse with chatbots online. The more people embrace chatbots, the more funding there will be to develop and refine the technology which makes chatbots function.

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Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular platforms for chatbots, and already has a high number of active users: approximately 1 billion every month. That’s a large community of people, and something all businesses should tap into as another means of outreach with their marketing.

However, there are questions you need to answer first: is your audience on Facebook? Do your customers use messenger? Will a bot on Facebook Messenger prove valuable to your audience/customers? Will you be able to maintain the bot effectively?

If you know your customers would benefit from a bot, then you should look to reach people in that way.

Here are some ideas of how your business can use Facebook Messenger bots:

1. To deliver personalised content, information and offers to customers

Customised content can be given to users by instructing the bot to filter certain content based on the user’s responses/requirements. This will allow your company to nurture leads by providing bot users with content useful to their needs. You can then follow up with news of sales offers and promotions, or anything you think the user might be interested in based on their responses/requirements.

You can personalise content to address the needs of certain segments of your audience, which is a vital part of any effective content marketing strategy.


2. To answer customer queries in an interactive way

You can set up a FAQs bot so that customer queries can be answered quickly and easily without the need for a customer representative or member of the sales team to step in and answer them. This saves your team time, and whatever saves time saves money.

Using a bot to answer customer queries will allow you to provide a customer service at any time of the day, and even outside of office hours. However, if the user is engaging with the bot during office hours, make sure you give them the option to talk with someone in your office, should they want to. You don’t want to lose a lead simply because they didn’t get all the answers from the bot that they were hoping for.


3. To entertain visitors/customers

You don’t need to use a bot on Facebook Messenger simply to answer customer questions. The bot can exist purely to entertain users, both via desktop and mobile. Think of what might suit your brand’s identity and message and devise ways to entertain bot users. For example, you can create a quiz, a game, a ‘fun facts about the company’ session, or you can use audio visuals, infographics and humorous sketches to provide some light entertainment.

Make sure whatever you have on the bot reflects and complements your brand message.

A bot which is purely there to entertain can help your company develop a bond with both existing and potential customers.


4. To acquire new customers and convert leads

When it comes down to it, a business owner will be most concerned with revenue and cost, but a bot on Facebook Messenger can be used to drive sales. Anyone who engages with the bot can be added to your subscriber list. You’ll then be able to segment these people into different categories and remarket to them, increasing the chance of converting them into paying customers. Likewise, you can use the bot to advertise products or promote a service.

Whether you want to allow people to book an appointment or reservation, buy a product, access information, or simply engage with your company, a Facebook Messenger bot will offer a way to generate, qualify, and convert leads. If you’re an online store you can use the bot to assist shoppers, and if you’re an estate agent you can segment users and provide each type of user (i.e. tenant, landlord, buyer, seller) with the information they need.


Some final tips:

Establish what you want to accomplish with your bot. Do you want it to be a useful resource, or is it strictly for entertainment? Determine what your goals are, identify your audience on Facebook Messenger, and only then should you build and develop your bot in a way that will be valuable to your customers.

Focus on user experience. The bot shouldn’t be about your company, it should be about the customer.


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