Facebook Offers fall short of digital marketing perfection

A good online special offer can only become a great digital campaign if you harvest the email addresses of those who claim the promotion.

fb like icon - Facebook Offers fall short of digital marketing perfection

But Facebook appears to disagree.

The ad manager section of the world’s largest social network includes Offer Claims among its 15 advertising objectives. This gives administrators of business pages with at least 50 likes two ways to create a time-limited promotion (see below).

Art Division has covered the benefits of using Facebook’s ad creation tool to set your audience. But to recap, it allows you to decide on the age, location, gender and income of the people who see your Facebook ad campaign.

If you are a digital marketing agency in Wimbledon, for example, who wants to run a promotion offering 50% off office coffee in April, Facebook will allow you to specify that ads promoting the special offer run from 6am to 9.30am on weekdays and are only seen by people who work within a half-mile radius of your business.

But Facebook’s Offer Claims option falls short of a digital marketer’s Holy Grail – the email addresses of everybody who claims the free product or service.

This is in sharp contrast to running a lead generation campaign on Facebook, which has the advantage of enabling advertisers to download the email addresses of all leads generated directly from Facebook.

Two ways to set up an Offer Claims campaign on Facebook

1. In-Store Claims

This is the most straightforward way of creating an Offer Claims campaign on Facebook, but it is best suited for deals that can be taken up in-store.

As the image below shows, decide on your offer (50% off office coffee), add a description, image, expiry date, claims limit, start date and any terms & conditions that might apply to the offer before clicking Create Offer.

As the image below shows, when one of your target audience clicks Claim Now a pop-up from Facebook will appear on their screen instructing them to open the confirmation email that Facebook has sent to the claimant.

Please note, the pop up takes the name of the business from the title of your Facebook business page. If you have two branches and the special offer can only be redeemed at one location, this must be specified in the Terms & Conditions when you are creating the offer.

Many businesses running Offer Claims campaigns on Facebook specify that the confirmation email (an example of which can be seen below) must be presented at the time of redemption in-store.

The downside of In-Store Offer Claims campaigns

Any business running this type of Offer Claims campaign on Facebook cannot verify or record the details of the claimants. The only way their email addreses can be harvested is by manually writing them down when they present the verification email in-store.

This significant flaw is not resolved if a business chooses to run an Online Offer Claim campaign on Facebook that takes claimants to an external URL after clicking Claim Now.

2. Online Claims

To send claimants to an external URL, follow the same steps as the In-Store Claims option but add an Online Redemption Link to a landing page on your company’s own website and an Online Promo Code before clicking Create Offer.

When one of your target audience clicks Claim Offer, a pop up will appear on their screen directing them to your external URL.

The email the user receives will offer the options of claiming the offer online or in person.

The downside of Online Claim campaigns

In addition to Facebook protecting its users’ privacy by not sharing claimants’ email addresses with the business running the Offer Claim campaign, it is a long-winded process.

Art Division’s experience of digital marketing teaches us that running a Click to Website or Conversion Campaign that takes users directly to the offer claim page on your website is a better solution.

Want to know more?

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