Five things that web design agencies’ staff should know

As the capital of England and full of the headquarters for many of the most important businesses in the world, London web designers work at the heart of the industry, people look to them for new trends, inspiration and innovative movements in the web world. Web design agencies have a duty to ensure that they have the very best staff on hand at all times and that those staff have the ultimate expertise and knowledge.  There are some basic skills that all London web designers should posses in order to do their job efficiently; here are a few pointers.

HTML5 and CSS3 What you Need to Know - Five things that web design agencies’ staff should know

Graphic design.

It sounds so obvious, however, graphic design is more than just being able to draw, it’s about knowing how to manipulate a vector, understanding colour, typography and movement, and web design agencies should know exactly what skill set their staff have. Creative design agencies who work on a freelance basis will find that their graphic design skills will come into play much more than if they’re in a larger organisation so their skills must be honed to perfection.


HTML is the most important thing London web designers, or any web firm really, can learn. Knowing HTML will give a web designer an understanding of how the Web works so that their designs will be more effective. HTML is imperative to both web designers and web developers; even web designers who don’t plan to do much work outside of a WYSIWYG editor should learn HTML so that they know the basis of their Web pages. Web design agencies should ensure that their staff are of a suitable HTML standard.

Software knowledge

Software knowledge is key to a good graphic designer, ideas and sketches are one thing but you need those images online and being used as part of your website. It would be wrong to believe that London web designers are constrained to one software package, they don’t necessarily need to know for example,  Adobe Photoshop in particular. There are lots of other image manipulation programs out there that can do exactly the same job to the same standard.

Project management

Although web design agencies should have a strong management structure, so too should their employees; the graphic designers. When working for a web company being able to manage the project to the constraints of time, budget and resources, could be the difference between a successful project with on-going support, maintenance and future developments and a disappointed client that looks elsewhere for future website design.

Knowledge of SEO

Although SEO has been around as long as search engines themselves, the ability to implement Search Engine Optimisation is still the web design profitability holy grail. With powerful SEO, websites can gain exposure to the target audiences and outperform those that don’t. It is virtually useless to create a beautifully designed, user friendly website with the very latest in web technologies, if nobody is going to be able to find it. If your websites business model is to generate leads, enquiries or sales from the web, then you’ll soon find, that prowess in this field is worth two in the bush!



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