Gaining Brand recognition via Social Media

Ask yourself – How many times a day do you ‘check’ your social media feeds? Whether its Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram?


4 take a mobile first approach - Gaining Brand recognition via Social Media

On a personal or work related basis, 43% of the UK population use Facebook, 19% use Twitter and at least 8% of the population use LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram* on a daily basis.

If you see a post from a brand you follow, does it immediately make you buy a product from them? Probably not, but reading the post, clicking on a link or sharing the post all reinforce your brand affinity. Do you follow a brand because you buy the products – yes, but we don’t follow all the brands we buy on a day to day basis.


So why Social Media?

Social Media marketing creates a strong online presence for a brand in the same way that TV advertising does. When you see or hear an advert on TV, it doesn’t make you go and immediately buy the product, but repetitive exposure to the ad will ensure that the brand will become embedded in your brain. How often do you hum a catchy tune from an ad or groan when an ‘annoying’ ad is aired again? But when you are ready to buy, you will have brand knowledge, so are more likely to buy that brand over others.

Social media marketing works in a similar way, if you regularly see posts or ads from brands on social media you are more likely to buy that brand later down the line. So social media provides –

  • Insight into the brand
  • Information about the brand in use
  • Offers affinity with other relevant brands
  • Provides recipes using the product
  • Gives you the chance to share with others your experience of the brand

These types of posts aren’t asking you to buy from the company, they are assuming you already have knowledge of or already buy from them, these posts reinforce your brand perception.


Top campaigns from 2015 across different media


Ice Bucket Challenge
The ALS Association
Award category: Facebook for Good (blue winner)

In the summer of 2014, people living with ALS raised awareness of the condition by having people all over the world dump buckets of ice water over their heads and post videos of it, issuing a challenge to the next person to do the same.

The goal was to increase awareness, online traffic & sales.

Results – 17 million videos across 159 countries, including ones made by Will Smith, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg, generated 70 billion video views and raised $220 million. $0 were spent to promote the challenge and 440 million people saw it.

MZ ice bucket - Gaining Brand recognition via Social Media




#EndangeredEmoji – WWF

Bet you didn’t know that 17 of the emoji animals are endangered? This simple insight powered one of the most talked about campaigns of the year, which invited Twitter users to donate every time they tweeted one of the 17 emoji. To enroll, all users had to do was retweet the launch Tweet. @WWF then tracked how often users tweeted one of the #EndangeredEmoji and issued regular ‘bills’, encouraging them to donate. A brilliant campaign rooted in a single, poignant insight.



Bakery brand Warburtons is a company which prides itself on its heritage. A fifth generation family business which is run by cousins Jonathan, Brett and Ross Warburton and has used the family identity in advertising on and off throughout its 139-year history.

However, the company decided to step things up a notch by launching its biggest ever campaign. Created by WCRS and costing £16m, it featured Hollywood actor Sylvester Stallone and the tagline ‘From our family to yours’.

“All our advertising at the moment also features our chairman Jonathan [Warburton], which helps us move away from being a faceless corporation and shows consumers the real people behind the business,” marketing manager Sally Stanton told Marketing Week at the time.

It is a strategy that appears to be paying off, the brand is the biggest bakery business in the country by sales and the second largest grocery brand overall after Coca-Cola, having doubled its turnover between 2001 and 2011.

Kantar Worldpanel says it is the most frequently purchased grocery product in the UK, chosen on average 25 times a year by 86% of households.

Warburtons followed up the Stallone campaign with an even bigger £25m featuring The Muppets.

So why aren’t we on social media and how can we make this strategy work for us?

If you are responsible for your company’s marketing or you run your own company and you aren’t on social media, you should be asking yourself WHY? You can use social media to –


• Educate

Provide information about your products/service

• Interact

Connect with like minded people and businesses

• Increase

Brand awareness to an existing or a new audience

• Decrease

Target your marketing and get your message to the right audience

• Engage

With your audience and other brands – build relationships

• Network

Join/link with/engage with your community, industry and professional groups

• Target

A message to the right age range, demographic, socio economic group etc.

• Encourage

Give your audience the opportunity to engage with you. Ask questions, invite comment, encourage feedback.


So how can this strategy work for us?

You don’t have to be a company with nationwide brand presence to use and reap the rewards from social media. A good example is an independent estate agent, the agent will have a specific geographical area they cover, the staff have local knowledge, they know the property in their area and they know the type of customer which matches their property type. Potential clients will generally have a perception of the estate agent from the shop front on the high street, the ‘For Sale’ boards dotted around the area and friends and family may well have recommended them. Social media can be used in all the ways mentioned above to connect with their target audience, subliminally reinforcing their brand within the clients’ mind without the hard sell! With the positive brand perception which has been built up, when the client needs the service of an estate agent, this brand is the first to spring to mind.


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