Genuinely useful apps you’ll want to download

Smartphone owners are one of two tribes – Android and iPhone. But whatever side of the operating system divide you sit, all business owners can benefit from making better use of apps. We present our top five apps that are best for any business looking to increase its productivity and connectivity.

1. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Ever wanted to get hold of files from your computer when out on the road? This app is designed to help you reach your computer’s desktop wherever you are. And its use of authentication technology ensures the connection to your company’s data and applications remains completely secure, while also benefiting from high quality video and sound streaming for improved compression and bandwidth use.

How much? Free for Android and Apple devices.

2. Dropbox For Business

Dropbox provides one base for all your business documents, photos and videos. Not only can the files be shared at the touch of a button, but features like unlimited deletion recovery and device linking make it easy to operate.

How much? Dropbox is free to download for Android and Apple devices, but the full version costs £550 a year for the first five licences and £110 a year for each additional user.

3. Google Analytics

In the 10 years since Google Analytics launched, the search engine giant has been giving business owners a complete view of their audience and their needs, wherever they are along the path to purchase. This data is now recently available from any mobile device and the app – which is optimized for phones and tablets – has the additional feature of providing a heatmap of page views.

How much? Free for Android and Apple devices.

4. Microsoft Outlook

While all phones give users access to their email accounts, this app is designed for the business user because it gives a unified view your email, calendar, contacts and attachments. It not only works with all Microsoft accounts, Gmail, Yahoo Mail and iCloud, this app filters the user’s inbox to only show messages that are unread, flagged or have attachments, with a single tap.
How much? Free for Android and Apple devices.

5. Google My Business

This app brings together all of the ways Google can make your business more visible online. The dashboard allows business owners to manage their Google+ account, stay on top of reviews and encourage further reviews, share updates with customers and manage your business’s Google Map profile.

How much? Free on Android and Apple devices.

There are an almost endless number of business-focused apps that can be incorporated into your company’s website to significantly boost engagement with your target audience. For more advice about how to get the most from third-party online tools or to get help setting up and managing your digital marketing campaigns, get in touch with Art Division.

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