How are you Coping Since the Enhanced Campaign Migration Deadline?

Two months ago the Enhanced Campaign Migration Deadline was reached and we just thought to touch base to see how you’re finding it.

google magnifier - How are you Coping Since the Enhanced Campaign Migration Deadline?

The most significant change is how is how traffic will be considered from different devices. For example, before you could decide what devices a specific campaign would show on – you could choose a desktop, tablet or mobile. Now you have to merge them and work out what the best bid adjustment is for you!

The problem is that if you’re merging separate campaigns, bids won’t necessarily be automatically adjusted. You’ll pay more for your mobile clicks if you’re using the same id on desktop and mobile. Instead you’ll need to set them yourself.

Here are some tips on how to work out what you should adjust your bids to:

Go with Google

Good old Google’s likely to give you a suggested mobile bid adjustment based on similar advertisers. Therefore it may not be specific to your campaign’s performance, which is annoying to say the least. Sometimes it’s been claimed that Google’s recommendations can be too high and that mobile bids should be lower than the search engine suggests.

Set mobile bid adjustment of 100 percent

This could be a good option for you if you don’t have much time to spend on this. You may miss out on traffic, but not necessarily traffic that’s appropriate for your campaign. You may not even want mobile traffic. It can be beneficial from the point of view that everyone will be making bid changes, hence prices are likely to fluctuate.

Look at the bids from your previous mobile campaigns

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Have a look at your previous mobile campaign bids and work out the percentages of desktop and tablet bids.You’ve already done the hardwork so make the most of it. In the long run it can be best to use weighted averages- combine keyword adjustments but focus on giving emphasis to keywords that do most of the spending. Sounds complicated? Why not hire a professional to help you do the maths!

User Location

You may not be able to predict the effects exactly but you can fine tune the bids effectively.This means that depending on the demand region to region you can adjust your bids accordingly. Let’s face it there’s bound to be a massive difference between different areas so your bids can reflect this. Again this takes time and effort so make sure you fully understand what you’re looking to achieve.


Remember to check the performance of your bids

It may sound obvious but please remember to check and monitor the performance of your bids. The prices are likely to fluctuate – particularly as other advertisers out there are going to be trying out their bids due to enhanced campaigns.

For some marketers this can be a tricky area – it takes a specialist to understand all the ins and outs of PPC. Make sure that you stay ahead of the game by talking to the best in the business – and remember there’s always a solution no matter how complicated it gets!



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