How to build a relationship with all your website visitors

Paid acquisition marketing has changed a lot throughout the past few years. Today, it’s no longer just about bidding on searched key phrases. It’s mainly about targeting people by their behaviour and characteristics.

re marketing - How to build a relationship with all your website visitors

Remarketing is a fairly new form of paid advertising, which started in 2010 when the practice was known as retargeting. In simple terms, it allows digital marketing specialists to put a cookie in the browser of visitors to a website and then send adverts for a brand or product to the same user when they go back into their browser and visit other sites.

For example, if you are thinking of buying a house in a specific area, you would start by doing some research and checking what’s currently on the market. If you visit an estate agent’s website and browse through their stock of houses for sale, but don’t book a viewing immediately, if the estate agent runs remarketing ads, they will be able to invite you to do so at a later date through banners on other sites you visit. This way, even if you get interrupted half way through your search, remarketing makes it easy to continue your search a few days later.

At its core, remarketing allows you to cleverly direct your visitors back to your website, and encourage them to take action. This could be by directing them to a contact page, a sales page or a page with further information about the services or products they are interested in.

Pay per click remarketing is one of the most powerful tools available today because it allows digital marketers to take advantage of all of your site traffic. As the site visitor has already shown an interest in your business, you’re half way there. It provides you, the site owner, with cheaper repeat visits and conversions.


Why re-marketing is more effective

Like all powerful tools, remarketing can only deliver a return on investment when it is used in the correct way. Remarketing has been accused of being annoying when brands that attempt to take their PPC campaigns to the next level fail to understand their user base.

For example, if a visitor to the same estate agency website as described above was looking for a house to buy, but then the agent’s remarketing campaign chased the visitor with banners encouraging them to book a viewing of a property to rent, this is not only annoying for the visitor but also counter-productive from a remarketing point of view. Google allows you to direct your remarketing campaigns to a portion of your visitors based on different parameters, such as pages they have visited, time they spent on the site, and even actions they took. A good remarketing campaign takes these into account and serves the right banners with the right message to its visitors.

Remarketing should not be intrusive. The most effective remarketing campaigns use Google AdWords functions like Frequency Capping, which digital marketing specialists make the most of to control how often users see your ads, and this combined with a sound remarketing strategy means you won’t be stalking your customers.


6 reasons why you should use remarketing

1. Remarketing is cost effective

The cost will depend on how broad your marketing campaign is – the wider the net, the higher your costs will be. You can keep costs low by creating targeted remarketing campaigns. However, remarketing provides the most cost efficient way to improve the performance of PPC.


2. Build brand awareness

This is where content marketing and content remarketing comes into play. If you actively push relevant content to your remarketing list, visitors will see that you are producing helpful content regularly. This builds brand recognition and, in turn, brand loyalty. Content remarketing is one of the most effective ways of building trust online.


3. Familiarity is a good thing

Remarketing ads can display the visual appeal of your products in a way that text ads usually cannot. If customers are looking to purchase something expensive, they may search on different sites for hours before heading back to the first site they looked at. With remarketing, this site will probably be yours, as you will have remained at the forefront of their mind.


4. Remain in contact with existing customers

Remarketing is not just about attracting new clients. The strategy can be used in conjunction with an email campaign to existing customers, which can help strengthen their connection to your brand. For example, you can show a specific banner ad to all clients who opened your email and clicked on a link.


5. Drive footfall into your high street presence

Recent additions to a digital marketer’s retargeting toolbox include user location segmentation, which can help direct customers who see your retargeted ad on their mobile device to your office or shop.


6. Seller leads

You can segment your visitors. For example, the visitors who view your sales pages and do not convert can be retargeted separately and encouraged to take action.


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