How to prepare for Twitter timeline change

Twitter is set to make significant changes to its timeline. This doesn’t come as a complete surprise considering the pressure’s on to make money for its investors since its IPO a year ago. 

Businesses set to Profit from Twitter Mobile Advantage - How to prepare for Twitter timeline change

The aim of the changes to the social media tool is to boost user interactions and recommendations on the network. Until now you could rely on seeing only what you wanted to see, but that is set to change.

Why? Twitter gets 125 million-plus visitors to its main page, but it’s not always clear how these visitors can find what they’re looking for. The aim is to ensure the timeline contains more relevancy, making it a lot like Facebook.

Twitter has said it will be adding “while you were away” to the top of the timeline if you spend a certain amount of time away from the app. The social network reports that this feature has been tested with a group of users and it increases the chances of your output going viral.

  • The aim is to make it easier for users to rediscover information that interests them and still keep some of the real-time nature of the platform.   

Location-based news and events will also be added to the feed, which will automatically share news that’s relevant to individual users. The social network also wants to make it easier to find tweets about specific locations and businesses, so in the future you will be able to tweet from set locations and then see other tweets and images from stories linked to that business.

Other Twitter changes in the pipeline include the ability to share tweets privately via direct messaging.

Will the changes alienate users?

The big question is as to whether or not Twitter will be able to implement these changes without annoying users. Twitter is all about operating in real time and if this alters the site will lose its niche. But if it continues to break news to users in an appropriate fashion, this could work well.

On the other hand, as Facebook has shown, major changes may initially provoke concern but they don’t necessarily result in a massive loss of users because many adapt.

And if the changes to Twitter are accepted by its users, it could increase loyalty to the network by making its users feel that the site is tailored to their needs.  


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