How to Rank your YouTube Video in a Few Easy Steps!

YouTube is a massively underused traffic source; it is the world’s second-biggest search engine, with some 30 million visitors a day. However, it seems that not enough people are making the most of this valuable site. Here are a few tips to show you as to how to rank your YouTube videos and how your business can start using YouTube to increase traffic to your website:

How to Rank your YouTube Video in a Few Easy Steps - How to Rank your YouTube Video in a Few Easy Steps!

Locate video keywords

Ever noticed when you Google someone or something who happens to be on YouTube that this comes up on the first page? This is because Google deems certain keywords as important for video results. Certain keywords are ideal as video results are effectively like a SERP within a SERP.

What you need to do is to get Google to consider YOUR video as one of the best for specific keywords – so make sure you pinpoint what keywords in your business area have top video results. Make sure the keyword gets at least 300 exact match searches per month in Google.

Get the camera out!

Now it’s time to make your video! You can make them either professionally or instead go for just a quick, cheap, easy job. There are lots of different sites that can be very useful, such as Camtasia, Videolicious, just take your pick. A few things to bear in mind when making the video are:

  • Make your video long like articles as they rank better (at least five minutes).
  • Make a slideshow in Powerpoint and record your voice over it – if it’s a review, use a product in it.
  • Your video must be engaging as SEO is based on interactional signals.
  • Remembering you’re trying to get as many comments, views and likes as possible.
  • ALWAYS use the keyword in the video’s filename to ensure it’s optimised.

Upload your video

When you upload your video, make sure you optimise it. Remember to make the title long so you can include the full keyword (at the beginning of the title is best). For the description remember:

  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words.
  • Make sure you also include your keyword three to four times.
  • The description should be around 350-400 words.
  • Include LSI keywords (Find out what is LSI keywords)

Remember also to include a few tags as per normal with SEO. And always remember to save save save!

Video views are vital

Like…duh! It goes without saying you’re uploading this video to ensure it’s watched, right? And by REAL people, not bots (apparently this has been a problem for YouTube recently). You can use view services to get humans to look at your stuff – and remember that for the best results you need people to view at least 40 per cent of your video. Viewer retention is VERY IMPORTANT for rankings in YouTube’s internal search engine. Of course, positive user interaction boosts ratings too so try to be engaging with your content.

Build links like it’s 2009!

It’s amazing but it seems as if YouTube has bypassed the Penguin and Panda backlash. Mainly because YouTube is massively trusted as an authority, so it’s unlikely to be slapped by its proud owners Google. So why not get linked up!

I hope that these tips have helped you to kickstart your successful YouTube video campaign. Stay posted for more updates and insider knowledge on how to ensure your site gets the traffic it deserves.

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