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How to Use Social Media for Business

Brands, business and companies are becoming more focused on marketing through social media. Social networks help shape the web and how we consume it, online trends are hugely influenced by their features and sharing power. A piece of content can reach millions of people in minutes and it’s impact can be felt globally, everyone wants to be apart of that.

twitter vs facebook1 - How to Use Social Media for Business

So what is having a company social presence about? Well, the clue is in the name; “social” media. It’s about interaction with people and about creating relationships that hold far more value than just a quick sale. When used correctly a brand or business can achieve great things with social media, when used badly social channels waste time and money.

The problem is, a lot of brands have the wrong idea about social media and its purpose. Social networks are not simply another referral source where efforts can be accurately measured to determine ROI. Of course, measuring social media for business is important to understanding what’s working but it can also pull focus on to the wrong metrics. It’s common for ‘Likes’ and ‘Followers’ to be seen as the defining metrics of social success but they are little more than vanity metrics. It’s far better to have 1000 ‘Likes’ where your audience is engaged than it is to have 100,000 ‘Likes’ and have no one is listening.

To really understand a social presence you have to look at indicators such as sentiment and engagement. What do people say about a brand when they discuss it online? How are people engaging with content? These are questions that will start to shape a social campaign and refine a brand’s approach to social media for the better.

It’s important for business for social networks to evolve and for our marketing strategies to evolve along with them. Social engagement has changed enormously over the last 10 years, from long-form blog posting to short-form status updates and now push-button content and curation (a brief and crude overview). Who knows where social media will be in a years time let alone another 10 years. And that’s what’s exciting.



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