Increase your CTR with these 5 easy steps

Ever wondered why some people achieve a high click-through rate (CTR) on their PPC campaigns? A good CTR indicates that you’re focusing on the right keywords, targeting the right audiences and therefore getting strong responses to your sponsored ads. If you don’t get that right you can say goodbye to a return on your investment!

When trying to increase CTR, don’t lose focus on what’s ultimately the most important thing: Your conversions and conversion rate.

adwords click through rate - Increase your CTR with these 5 easy steps

Read on for more tips below:

1. Keyword and ad relationship

As mentioned before if you have a “vaguely relevant” theme going on, then this isn’t the way forward. Having a variety of synonyms, acronyms and abbreviations for what you are selling all in the same ad group won’t necessarily help. Use the ACTUAL keywords in the ads so everyone understands what your ad is about. This will increase CTR and improve your quality scores.

2. Ad extensions

There are lots of ad extensions to choose from that can take up valuable space on the SERP. Make sure you use these to your advantage. Try site link extensions. If, for example, you deal locally, add a location extension with the address so people know your area. If you take phone calls use a call extension with your ads.

3. Raising bids

Raising your bid could be the fastest (but most expensive) way to increase CTR.

However, it could be that it’s that one thing you need to do to really increase your CTR. And once you’re there, you can try other successful methods.

4. Add more ads!

Don’t just have one ad per ad group. Make sure you keep around three to four ads per ad group because you need be able to test ads that are written differently.  They can all compete against each other and from there you can build on your insights and ideas to create winning ads.

5. Negative keywords

This idea is to help increase CTR and to stop spending on keywords you can’t capitalise on. Effectively, they’re words you add to your negative keyword list to prevent searchers from stumbling across your ads when they’re not appropriate to their requirements. For example, if someone searches for something you’re selling in an area far away from you, that would be a negative keyword as you wouldn’t ship there normally; so rather misleading.

Hope these tips help you with your CTR campaign going forward – contact us with your questions.

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