Internet Marketing Strategies for Choosing a Domain Name

Many businesses that are serious about Internet marketing own many domains at one time to ensure that as the business grows and develops, they are prepared. There are many steps that need to be taken to ensure that an effective domain name is chosen.

take a landing page first approach - Internet Marketing Strategies for Choosing a Domain Name

Firstly, you should consider what the purpose of the domain name is. Will this domain host the main website for your company? Will it act as a sales landing page? If you will be using this domain name for your main website then it is important that you aim to find a URL that is the closest match to your company name. If you are just starting out then think carefully about what you call your business and your domain name. It will be a real help to your Internet marketing if your domain name includes some of the phrases that your potential clients may search for you under.

For instance, if your business is laying carpets and your domain name includes the terms ‘carpet layer’ then Google is likely to find you a lot quicker than if it has to rely purely on other SEO techniques.

If the purpose of your domain is actually a one-page sale message site, then you should think ahead as to how you will market your website. Due to the emphasis that Internet marketing places upon content volume, there is little chance of a site this small being picked up by the search engines organically. This means that your best promotional strategy would be PPC (Pay Per Click) focussed. Buying keywords for placement in search engines can’t reap great rewards, for example, if you buy keywords from Google then your paid listing will appear at the top of the search, or down the right hand side of the screen, in a box.

Mind map the list of problems that you are trying to solve because a domain name that clearly indicates the solutions that you provide will easily attract both users and the search engines. Once you have mind mapped all of your ideas then you can set about trying to see if they are available.

Consider SEO when you are choosing your domain name, as it will be an advantage to include keywords. Before making your selection you should list down all of the keyphrases that a potential client may look for your services. Alternatively, you should ask a reputable Internet marketing agency to take care of this for you as they will be able to determine the most appropriate keywords for your website depending upon the online authority you already have, the amount of competition a term has and the likelihood your website has of ranking in Google’s first page of that term. It is unlikely that you will be able to gauge this without some help from an expert.

Remember; always buy both the and .com version of a domain if they are both available. Most users will automatically presume any given URL is .com as that is just simply what they are most used to hearing and typing. It therefore pays to have access to both domains. If you are unable to find the exact name you are looking for then search for a hyphenated version.

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