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​​Want to advertise your agency on Facebook but not even sure where to start?

​Advertising on Facebook does not have to be confusing.  Or costly.

  • Grab our Facebook ad templates and formulas to help you create all your future ads in minutes. (Just copy, paste, personalise and you are done)
  • Use our ready-to-upload banners to compliment your ad copy without the need to use any software.
  •  Learn how to plan, set and launch your campaigns in less than half a day.
  • Get Control of your LEAD generation (Landlords, Vendors, Buyers, Tenants and Investors) without breaking the bank!

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​You Might Be Thinking...
So, Why Do I Need This?

Reason #1

You need more leads

If you are reading this, you are probably looking for new ways to generate leads. What you are currently doing is either not as effective, or not generating you enough business. Leafleting is costing a lot but the returns are not consistent. This is where Facebook can really help you. 

Reason #2
​Property is very personal & emotional

You know this. It’s a big decision.

People want to work with someone they like and trust. Facebook gives you a platform to demonstrate that you’re a great person (and agency) to work with. And it helps you demonstrate that others recognise this quality in you.

Reason #3
Property is Local

In real estate, if you’re not targeting locally, you’re losing money. The Facebook Ad Manager allows estate and letting agents to target people not only in a certain city or suburb.
Target people in certain neighbourhoods where home values just went up and people want to sell. Target potential clients in over-populated areas where people are moving out of to have more space. 

Reason #4

You are ​busy running ​a business

You are an estate or letting agent. And this is what you do best. So why reinvent the wheel and try and figure it all out by yourself, when you can copy our proven formulas, templates and tips and shortcut your road to success?


It’s the new form of Direct M​​​​ail Marketing which when used correctly, can help you build a constant flow of leads to your agency. 

​Property is Data-Driven to the Core

You know a lot about who your ideal client is. You may enjoy working with new families. You might like helping a couple find a home where they can retire.

With real estate Facebook ads, take what you know about your perfect client. Build an ad around it. And through Facebook ad analytics, see exactly how they respond to it.
Continue to improve your ads and generate more clients.

Something you were never able to do with direct mail marketing.

​So, why trust our advice?

​Nelly Berova

​"I have been in business for almost 20 years now. 

I have worked with hundreds of estate and letting agents throughout this time, I’ve seen the many ups and downs in the industry and have been involved in hundreds of campaigns, generating thousands of pounds in revenue for my clients. 

My strength is in the strategy planning and I am currently running strategy workshops, helping my clients really hone down their point of different and offering and attract more of the right type of clients."

Our Team 16
Our Team 8

​Daniel Zairi​

​"I have been in marketing and the property sector for over 15 years. I have ​done work for companies such as ReMAX, Foxtons and Dexters in the past so I really understand the ins and outs of being a sales negotiator. Over the past 10 years I have focused my time on running digital marketing campaigns for agents with 1-10 branches, with Facebook being my main area of expertise. 

I have run thousands of campaigns and spent over £1m in 3rd party spend with Facebook so I have learned a thing or two."

​I am ready to buy!

What's The Offer?

​We recently ran a campaign offering 200+ Facebook ad examples as a free download from estate and letting agencies in the UK.

​This generated a list of questions from agents, such as:

  • ​Is there a way to quickly write those ads?
  • ​Do I always have to pay a lot to get a return?
  • ​Is there a proven formula I can follow to avoid wasting money?

​So, this sparked the idea of creating a product, which can help agents plan, create and launch Facebook campaigns quickly and effectively without investing tonnes of time or money.

​So, here it is! 

​The Facebook Ads Template Library you can have in your inbox in minutes …

​Get is now with an early bird discount:

​Firstly, You Will Receive...
40 FACEBOOK ADS PLUS all our ad formulas to help you create your own ads in minutes. (Worth £97)

​Next, You Will Also Get...
A Video tutorial on how to set up your first Facebook Campaign Step-by-step! (Worth £197)

And You Will Also Receive 10 banner ad creatives...
designed for Facebook and optimised for their 20% rule*

(Worth £97)

(*images should not contain more than 20% text or they will not perform well) 

Plus 3 Amazing BONUSES for the first 50 buyers!

Your Not To Miss Bonus #1

Access to our Customer Value Journey execution plan, to help you structure your campaigns correctly and for maximum impact.

What is the Customer Value Journey ?

  • Learn the 2 things that every marketing campaign MUST have
  • Get access to the exact same process we go through at Art Division to define our campaign parameters so that every marketing campaign is set up for success
  • The big campaign mistake that most newbie marketers and agents make (and why you need multiple campaigns to effectively move prospects through each stage of your marketing funnel)
  • How to leverage a famous zoologist’s insights into human relationships to design marketing materials that make your prospects feel comfortable throughout their experience with your company

Your Not To Miss Bonus #2

​Facebook Posts Images
40 property, royalty-free images you can use in Facebook Posts or ads you run (Worth £135)

Your ​Not To Miss Bonus #3

EXTRA BONUS tutorial on running dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook to increase your viewing requests and applicant registrations (Worth £97)

​Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase The Facebook Ads Template Library !

  • ​40 Facebook ad templates ​ ​and our proven formulas
  • ​10 ​Facebook-ready ad banners
  • ​40 property, royalty-free images
  • ​Access to our Customer Value Journey execution plan
  • ​A video tutorial on how to set up your first Facebook campaign

All these now for just:

​An investment that won’t break the bank but could make you thousands!

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This ​Library includes insights from ​thousands in ad spend, thousands of hours of testing, failure and wins and weeks of production​.

It works. Not only for us as an agency but for our clients too. ​

As this ​Library contains knowledge and intellectual property that my agency have 

held on tightly to for over a year, NO REFUNDS ARE OFFERED.

Once you've gained access, that knowledge or info products cannot be returned.

Please do not purchase this ​Library if you do not agree with this.

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