Imagine NOT Having To Write A Landlord Follow-up Email Sequence  From Scratch Again... for a WHOLE year!

The Landlord Nurturing Email Follow-up Sequence is the word for word, high converting plug-and-play editable template system that will have you launching your next landlord email sequence in 90% less time!

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Whoever said Email Marketing is dead... LIED!

While social media is great, you don’t have any control over their platforms. Just look at how quickly social media platforms have changed their algorithms over the last few years.

If you built your entire audience on Facebook or Instagram, you wouldn’t have a way of reaching your followers if the platform disappeared. 

The truth is, your email list is one of the few marketing platforms you ACTUALLY own.

PLUS...​your email list is an asset which adds value to your agency. (should you decide to sell one day)

​But even though you know this,

there’s still one big problem
Actually 3 BIG problems...

​Problem #1

​What to send... And When

Many ​letting agency owners struggle with what to send and when to send it.

Like “do I go for the nicely-nicely non-offensive approach of the once a week newsletter, or the Wolf of Wall Street multiple-times-a-day-every-day-until-they-either-buy-or-unsubscribe attack?”

Being ever confused, they email inconsistently, or worse, only show up in the inbox when they have something to sell!

​Problem #2
​SO... MANY... EMAILS!!!

​It’s not like you haven’t got a gazillion other things on your - tenant vetting, key cutting, phone answering, staff mentoring, social posting, remembering to eat - to-do lists.

But if that’s not enough, you then have a tsunami of emails to map, schedule and write...

...and you HATE writing!

​Problem #3
​Don't get me started on Conversion Psychology

If you somehow manage to figure out what to send and when, all these emails involve a TON of psychology and (if you’re new to them) trial, error and time!

Generally speaking, and when  we are starting from scratch, it takes ​our professional copy writer around two days to write a new sales funnel…and she is pretty good at this writing!

So, if you HATE writing, I can see how email sequences always falls to the bottom of the list.

If you’re reading this, you probably fit into one of these two scenarios:

  • I LOVE writing, I used to write all our blogs when I started the agency, but I’m seriously time poor trying to do #ALLTHETHINGS that comes with running a business and converting prospects into instructions.

​If you’re #2, I felt that in my soul so let’s put an end to this, right here and now - without wasting any more time.

  • There IS A WAY to ensure you send high converting landlord specific emails that get opened and your subscribers take action (because who wants an influx of unsubscribes and no sales)
  • There IS A WAY to do it in a matter of a few hours and not start from scratch (because who has days to spend slaving over emails) 
  • There IS A WAY to have all these emails written, loaded, scheduled and delivering your value (because you need to launch already!) 

Do You Think All Those 6 And 7 Figure Entrepreneurs Launching Hundreds Of Products A Year Are Writing Emails From Scratch?

 Even With Their Expensive Copywriters, They Still Follow A Formula.
And you know what’s better than formulas?


​Better still, 52 week email templates written with landlords in mind! That's your whole year of email nurturing done. In a few hours.

​I am ready to buy!

What's The Offer?

The Landlord Nurturing Email Follow-up Sequence ​​​is the word for word, high converting plug-​and-play 52-week editable template system that will have you launching your ​whole year's landlord email sequence in 90% less time!

​Just exactly what you need to write ​landlord nurturing emails in lightning speed.

  • ​Follow-up emails
  • ​Promos and Offers Emails
  • ​Relationship Builder Emails
  • ​Proof Emails
  • ​Educational ​Emails
  • ​Prospect-centric Emails

...If one of your 2020 goals was to increase your visibility and email your list at least once a week then ​this is for you!

​Our ​Content Calendar Schedule ​gives you suggestions for how you might like to mix up these emails​. All you have to do is personalise those emails and load them into your email marketing tool.

​So, here it is! 

​The Landlord Nurturing Email Follow-up Sequence Template

​Get is now ​:

​Firstly, You Will Receive...
​The entire 52 week email sequence templates coupled with examples and explanation on how to use them

​Next, You Will Also Get...
​52 weeks content calendar schedule, giving you a clear view of what email goes when. 


A short explainer video, making it easy for you to personalise the email templates for your agency. 

Plus 3 Amazing BONUSES​!

​Bonus #1

Access to our Customer Value Journey execution plan, to help you structure your campaigns correctly and for maximum impact.

What is the Customer Value Journey ?

  • Learn the 2 things that every marketing campaign MUST have
  • Get access to the exact same process we go through at Art Division to define our campaign parameters so that every marketing campaign is set up for success
  • The big campaign mistake that most newbie marketers and agents make (and why you need multiple campaigns to effectively move prospects through each stage of your marketing funnel)
  • How to leverage a famous zoologist’s insights into human relationships to design marketing materials that make your prospects feel comfortable throughout their experience with your company

​Bonus #2

​​Access to all our marketing insights, including any future insights we publish inside the Lonely Marketer member area. (completely free)

​ Bonus #3

​Access to hand-picked special offers and deals by industry suppliers as well as Art Division. 

​Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase ​​The Landlord Nurturing Email Follow-up Sequence Template!

  • ​​52 week landlord specific email nurturing sequence templates
  • ​​52 week content calendar schedule
  • ​​Short explainer video
  • ​Access to our Customer Value Journey execution plan
  • ​Free access to all our marketing insights and deals

All these now for just:


​An investment that won’t break the bank but could ​save you days of work!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s exactly inside The Email Templates?​

​There are 52 emails grouped into the 6 most popular launch sequence of their respective funnel. These are editable Google docs. Plus the ​content calendar in Excel​ and an explainer video. 

Seriously, I have sub zero copy writing skills, can this work for me?


It was designed with you in mind! The emails are literally written word for word which you can deploy effortlessly in your next launch. You're welcome...

Is the content available immediately?

​Yes! All of the contents are inside our Lonely Marketer members portal, ready to go!

You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

What if I love these templates but need help personalising them for my agency?

​This is something we can definitely help you with. Our copy writers can take the brief and personalise the templates for you. And the best part, we have done this many times so you won't pay us the odds for this service. (just a fair fee to cover our time)

​Still Not Convinced?

Here is a quick peek inside the email sequence templates


This ​Landlord Nurturing Email Follow-up Sequence Template is something we have worked on for many months. We use those for our clients too. They are tested and improved over many months of work. ​

​They work. Not only for us as an agency but for our clients too. ​

As this ​Landlord Nurturing Email Follow-up Sequence Template contains knowledge and intellectual property that my agency have held on tightly to for over a year, NO REFUNDS ARE OFFERED.

Once you've gained access, we can't stop you from copying this sequence and using it in your agency so the info products cannot be returned.

Please do not purchase this ​Email Sequence if you do not agree with this.

If you're unsure who we are (Art Division) and whether to trust us or our advice, 

Google our name and follow the rabbit hole. We'll wait for you here :) 

If you have any other questions, address them to ​