3 Different Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns that will grow your business fast!

Business' needs change as they grow and so should their marketing focus. There are three main types of marketing campaigns you can run depending on the results you are after:

  1. Customer acquisition campaigns
  2. Conversion campaigns
  3. Retention and trust campaigns

Below we go over each one in more detail and how you can apply them in your business today. 

testimonial 3 - 3 Different Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns that will grow your business fast!

1. Customer acquisition campaigns

Is your business expanding?

Do you want to attract new prospects, or launch services or products into a new market or new location?

If the answer is yes, you need to plan an acquisition marketing campaign.

This type of campaign will reach people that have not yet heard about your business, nor are aware of the services it provides. We would typically use both ‘push and pull’ marketing techniques when running acquisition campaigns, attracting people who are actively searching for your services or products (‘hot’ leads), as well as those who would be interested in such services (i.e. match the description of your typical buyers’ persona) but are not actively searching (long term prospects).

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Here are the marketing campaigns we coordinate to acquire new business prospects:

  1. 1
    SEO: 20% of all our marketing efforts always go towards SEO ensuring our sites are visible within Google's organic search results. A lot has changed in the world of SEO so we advise our clients to invest in a more holistic, rounded approach. Read more
  2. 2
    PPC: Pay Per Click campaigns can be costly but are very important if you’re looking for instant results. Start by analysing what keywords will best attract your audience and structure your campaigns, ensuring a high click through rate and conversions. Read more
  3. 3
    Video Marketing: With the birth of YouTube and Facebook, video marketing is now accessible to most businesses. It provides a way to engage with your prospects, and can be used to either generate sales or build audiences based on interest.
  4. 4
    Social Media: It’s reported that 3 in 4 internet users have a social media account. So if you want to attract new business, you have to be where your prospects hang out. Social platforms include everything from Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to Twitter and LinkedIn. Each has a unique offering, tailored towards varying audiences. Read more
  5. 5
    Online PR: We refer to this as ‘the new generation of online PR’. It is a new approach which attracts readers through ‘suggestive marketing’. Read more here
  6. 6
    Display Network: The Google Display Network lets you place ads on a variety of news sites, blogs and other niche sites across the internet to reach more potential customers. Find out more about this service


Find out how Art Division can help you get more out of your acquisition campaign.

2. Conversion campaigns

Is your brand already established?

Do you receive lots of traffic to your website but find that it does not translate into sales enquiries?

Before you invest to acquire more visitors – which is a costly task – focusing your efforts on improving your conversion rate may be the better resolution.

To date, with every new client we take on, we manage to increase their conversions by at least 30%. More often than not, this figure is a lot higher. What would a 30% increase in conversion mean for your business?

Do you have a plan in place to convert potential clients who visit your website into actual clients? By delivering a great user experience and engaging content you can give your customers a clear reason to enquire for more.

chart2 - 3 Different Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns that will grow your business fast!

Here are the elements involved in improving the conversion rate of your website:

  • Content: Content really is king. Google now recommends that businesses focus on building their online authority through relevant and authoritative content, rather than keyword stuffing and the deployment of aggressive link-building tactics. Algorithms have been released to tackle what Google regards as bad practice. Get more customers by using a coherent and powerful content marketing strategy. Read more

  • Design: 66% of web users prefer appealing aesthetic design over something plain and uninspiring. However, while it might seem right to go the aesthetic route, it can sometimes be disastrous for the business goals you want to accomplish on your website. The key is to strike a balance between your website’s conversion goals and aesthetics to come up with a ‘design that sells’.
  • Calls To Action: If your website is there to generate you business, having calls to action on each page is a must. The popular saying, ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ rings true when it comes to website conversions.
  • Device Compatibility: A website must be designed and built to adapt to each device, be it desktop, tablet, or mobile. It ensures the elements that don’t work on mobile devices are not displayed and makes navigation a lot easier and in turn will increase your conversions. Read more
  • Site Usability: This is the ease of use of a website. Usability aims to present information and choices in a clear and concise way, while ensuring a lack of ambiguity and the placement of important items in appropriate areas.
  • Conversion Tracking: This shows where your conversions come from (i.e. which campaign) so that you can make informed decisions as to what to change and how. If you knew that a particular Facebook post generated you a lot of conversions, what actions would you take? Read more
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3. Retention and repeat business marketing campaigns

What makes one business more profitable than another? In many cases this is down to the amount of repeat business they receive.

Repeat business and the retention of existing clients is the final step to marketing success. It is the cheapest way to attract more business, yet many businesses fail to invest sufficient time and money into keeping in touch with existing clients.

Engaging with your clients through relevant content, social media campaigns and clever re-marketing will not only keep your brand in front of your existing clients, but increase repeat business in the longer term.

chart3 - 3 Different Types of Digital Marketing Campaigns that will grow your business fast!

Here are the campaigns you should consider to increase repeat business:

  • Blogging: It is vital potential clients see you as an authority in your field, and you can build your reputation with the help of a targeted content marketing strategy. This way you’ll always be the first port of call when customers look to your industry for advice. All this helps to get information directly to your customers ahead of your competition. Read more
  • Retargeting: Do you ever get the feeling that a brand or product you have previously expressed an interest in is following you around the web? That’s retargeting (also known as remarketing). 98% of people visiting your site are leaving without making a purchase or submitting an enquiry. You can change this by bringing them back to your website. Read more
  • Video Marketing: YouTube and Facebook have made video marketing easily accessible to most businesses. It is a powerful way of engaging with your prospects as well as clients, and can be used to either generate sales or build audiences based on interest. Check out this article on our top platforms for video publishing.
  • Social Media: Use social networking channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to build a community of engaged followers and clients and focus on achieving specific results in order to attain your goals. Read more
  • Online PR: Use online PR to reach new prospects as well as to educate existing clients about any new services or products you are launching. Read more here
  • Email Marketing: Remaining in touch with customers via email is crucial if you are to stay ahead of the competition. Contrary to what many believe, email is here to stay. Read more

Over to you. Have a think about the areas of your business that need improvement - do you lack leads and therefore need to invest in an acquisition campaign or do you get many leads but fewer conversions, in which case you need to focus on improving your conversion rate. Whatever the goal, always start with a solid strategy mapping.

If you need help strategising and planning your future campaign, we can help

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