Planning your social media posts in the run up to Christmas

So, you’ve just left the office. It’s been a GREAT year for your business – profits are up, you have brilliant employees and you’re feeling positive. Of course, it’s time for a glass of mulled wine or two. Why not? Celebrating success is important. Five or six drinks later, you find yourself stumbling home. You get into bed, you’re about to close your eyes when suddenly you remember…

Planning your social media posts in the run up to Christmas - Planning your social media posts in the run up to Christmas

…You’ve forgotten to schedule your social media posts!

Yes, that’s right: all of them. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, the lot. And not just your in-house accounts, your clients’ too. What to do?

Don’t panic, you have time to fix the situation. However, it would have been preferable if you’d have taken the necessary precautions beforehand! Here’s a list of things to take care of social media-wise before you shut up the office and get partying during the Christmas break…

Schedule your posts

Scheduling your posts is very important as it means you (or your clients’) content gets regular exposure. There are a variety of tools you can use for this – Hootsuite for example – which is probably the most popular. This tool is good as you can manage multiple social networks and arrange tweets and messages in advance. You can also analyse social media traffic, and use the interface to watch lists and specific searches. As well as this there’s Buffer, which allows you to schedule for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. If you’re looking for tools just for Twitter, try Tweetdeck. Whatever tool you decide to go with, make sure you check the timings of your scheduled posts. For example, you wouldn’t want something inappropriate going out on Christmas Day. And you want to make sure you schedule your posts throughout the day, and at varying times.

Be ready to react to news stories

Ok, you’ve scheduled your tweets – great work! However, don’t think that’s all the work done. Keep across the news on your phone or desktop and when appropriate, react to news stories – particularly if they’re relevant to your service. Also, if you have an old post that answers questions or responds to a particular news item, make sure you tweet it out there to show off your knowledge.

Brief the intern

There’s a good chance that your intern is doing your social media scheduling. It’s very important that you brief her/him as to what you’re looking for and make instructions clear. There can sometimes be mix ups on social media, where the wrong things are tweeted out from accounts etc, make sure that doesn’t happen as it could end in disaster!

Password security

How secure are your passwords? Is whoever’s managing the accounts careful to ensure they’re kept safe? Although data breaches are of course out of your control, it’s still key to create passwords that can survive attacks. Make sure your passwords are unique for each account you have – and that each of your passwords is at least 16 characters long and contain a combination of numbers, symbols and uppercase letters. If you recycle your passwords and a hacker cracks one account, he/she will easily be able to access the rest.

Once you’ve successfully sorted out your social media, you can relax for the holidays, knowing there’s nothing more to stress about! Just keep an eye on that news feed….

If you need further help, dont worry we are on guard. You can tweet Art Division at any time.

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