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How we generated 160 enquiries per month through digital marketing

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The Requirement

Their priority was to make their website work for them. They had a site that essentially only worked like a brochure – it gave an idea of their services, but it did not actually do any work for them. The brief was to make the site work for them: i.e. enable it to generate enquiries.

We provided a holistic approach to help Assetgrove, with both web management as well as lead generation.

We spent the first 2 months of the project improving the actual site. We assessed and dramatically improved all the content including the copy, design, layout and call-to-actions.

We then launched an online campaign via Google, and backed this up with other social media channels including Facebook and Twitter.

The Results

  • Over the past 12 months we have increased the visitors to their site by an incredibly impressive 162%.
  • We have increased their unique visitors by an even more impressive 180%.
  • We have increased their page views by a huge 57%.
  • They rank on page 1 on Google for their most important keywords, including: ‘guaranteed rent London’, ‘1 – 5 years guaranteed rent,’ ‘guaranteed rents’, ‘guaranteed tenants’.
  • As a result, we average 160 enquiries per month

During the last 12 months we have launched a targeted Facebook campaign which is generating on average between 5-10 enquiries per month.

We have introduced a comprehensive call-tracking service which allows the company to assess not only the online marketing, but also the success of all their offline activity too, including flyers, magazine advertising, etc. This means they can analyse the success of all their marketing spend which is invaluable in helping them determine the most cost-effective marketing spend. This is an excellent tool to help them plan, budget, and spend effectively.

The strength of Art Division, through all the activities they have done, means we not only have a website that looks fantastic, it’s actually fit for purpose and produces quantity and quality enquiries which is ultimately resulting in great conversions. I would recommend Art Division to lots and lots of acquaintances and business colleagues, they are very good at what they do.

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Neil Jennings
Assetgrove Lettings

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