Reached thousands of landlords through Facebook

How we helped Foxtons increase their database of London landlords

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Objectives and Requirements

Foxtons commissioned us to help them increase their database of landlords with properties within the M25 through a campaign on Facebook. The intent was to attract landlords with a free giveaway and in return obtain their email address. Once the landlord has requested the free giveaway they were also entered into Foxtons’ newsletter circulation.

foxtons facebook campaign - FoxtonsOur Approach

We designed and built 3 landing pages to use for the campaign, all with similar messages, however different enough to understand what message converts the best. Foxtons provided us with their bespoke quarterly report for landlords, which we were going to use as the free giveaway.

We also designed a set of banners, all promoting the free giveaway and we set up an audience of landlords through Facebook to go after.

The Result

Soon after the launch we realised that the giveaway was not attractive enough as we had a large volume of impressions but not a great deal of conversions. i.e. many landlords saw our advert but few of them requested the report.

So, we enhanced the offering by adding 12 free landlord resources, all for free. The resources were there to help landlords with the management of their properties and were provided with additional information on how to use them.

Soon after we launched this more enhanced giveaway offer the conversions tripled. At that point, we were also able to analyse which landing page converted the best and for the remaining of the campaign and our budget allocation, we were able to attract and convert landlords for 1/3 less than at the start of the campaign by optimising our messages.

Through this Facebook campaign we delivered to Foxtons:

  • Brand exposure – our adverts were seen by over 100K people within M25
  • New prospect list – we delivered a database of landlords for Foxtons to engage with over the following months
  • Re-marketing pot – in addition to the email database, each landlord was added into a re-marketing pot, which allows Foxtons to serve personalised banner adverts to those landlords over the following 6 months

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