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When you are designing your web site, and uploading any images subsequently, you must take great care to ensure that you have sufficient ownership over an image before you upload it. You cannot, for instance, use an image that you have found through Google images or the like. You should only use images and public domain photos with no copyright, so that you are not infringing on any owner’s rights.

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If you are unable to create your own original images, then you can search for appropriate images on stock graphics and photo websites. Sites like these can grant you use of a royalty free license which will enable you to use a non-exclusive and non-transferable use of the image as many times as you like for a one-off flat-rate fee. There are very few restrictions in place with this option and the image is immediately available for use within advertising, marketing materials, web sites and multimedia projects. It also allows you to use all or part of the image within a composite or unique work.

If, instead, you opt for a traditional royalty based licence agreement, the fee that you pay will depend upon what you are using the image for and how wide your circulation will be.  And you will only be granted use of the image for one purpose.

If you just need an image to possibly illustrate a story rather than act as a main high-resolution image for your site, then you could visit Creative Commons (CC) – a non-profit site that offers an alternative to full copyright. CC allows users to upload photos for others to use via Attribution, Noncommercial, No Derivative Works or Share Alike licenses.

An Attribution public domain photo taken from a photo website means that anyone can copy, distribute display and perform an image as long as the photographer is credited.

Non-commercial public domain photos can be used for any of the purposes mentioned above, as long as they are for non-commercial means.

No Derivative Works means that anyone can copy, distribute, display and perform the image, as long as it is kept in its original condition.

Share Alike allows a user to distribute an image only under a license identical to the license that governs the photographer’s work.

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