SEO Essentials For Local Business

Whilst the Internet and search engines are global by nature, it is important for local businesses to concentrate on a specific location within their search engine optimisation, such as ‘London’. This is because a global reach would bypass their intended customers and therefore be a waste of resources for these companies.

increase conversion with images - SEO Essentials For Local Business

Concentrating on a local community may seem difficult as Google doesn’t group websites based on their location, but by following the tips below, you too can tap into a local audience…

1.      Include your location in your meta-tags

Meta-tags are a must for search engines, so ensure you include your location along with your additional keywords in the relevant pages of your site. Also make sure that the location is used within the body text otherwise this will raise Google’s suspicions. For instance, if you were an SEO agency in London, you may include the phrase  ‘SEO company London’ within your meta-tags and body text.

2.      Include your location in your body text.

You cannot afford to miss out on the inclusion of the location within the keywords threaded throughout the copy. If your text is optimised for ‘SEO company’ as a generic term with a non-specific location, this will not aid you in ranking well for the search term ‘SEO company London’.

3.      Ensure you included within Google Places and Yahoo Local

Both of these directories are great places to submit to, as they will list you based upon location.

4.      Use your location as your anchor text

Building organic backlinks based on your location could prove difficult as location based terms don’t sound very natural. For instance, ‘SEO company London’ or ‘Search engine optimisation London’ are not grammatically correct, however you could use either of these terms as a name to blog comment with. If the blog follows back then you will still achieve a backlink with correct anchor text.

5.      Target your ad-campaigns by location

A highly efficient way of driving traffic to a website is through locally targeted PPC ads. This will ensure the most effective use of your ad budget and drive a local audience to your website.

6.      Check up on your keywords

A regular check of the search volume on each of your chosen keywords is a good idea as shifts in volume are expected. If people are no longer searching for the term ‘Search engine optimisation London’ having replaced it with ‘SEO company London’ then it is imperative that you are being found for the most popular term.

7.      Create separate pages for each of your locations

If your business spreads across several locations then it would be helpful in terms of SEO to have web page dedicated for each. Including a key phrase such as ‘SEO company London Birmingham, Manchester’ would be problematic. Separate pages would be easier to target the local market.

8.      Make use of social media

Social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter and the like can drive high volumes of traffic to a site and high sales potential as you can promote your location directly to the audience you wish to reach.

9.      Include reviews and testimonials from customers on your site

A classic business technique; displaying that you are a quality trader will only help you in winning the trust of your potential customers. In terms of SEO, you can publish your customer’s comments on dedicated review sites, such as Yelp, however there are probably local sites that act in the same way.



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