Six blog post types you should be using right now

​Content has become a massive part of the way an Estate Agent connects with their local community as well as prospective clients.

Creating informative content regularly helps towards building trust and authority. We all know this is key to higher conversions.  

In this article we look at the top 6 blog post types you should be using today. 

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Let me ask you a question. How do you come up with different content ideas for your blog, every week or month, with a minimum amount of time and effort?

How do you keep your email lists and social media followers engaged and eager to use YOUR services?

If you are not’ve come to the right place!

Here at Art Division, we produce our blog content using a proven and tested method, which works like clockwork.

So much so that we have documented it and added it to Lonely Marketer as an execution plan, so all of our team members can easily follow it.

In this blog, we reveal our secrets (well, at least some of them) as we go into more detail on how these six blog post types have changed the way we engage our readers.

Check these six ideas out and give them a try…

1. Crowdsourced Post

The crowdsourced blog post brings multiple influencers together to answer a single question, leveraging the authority of other experts and influencers. 

Simply ask three or more experts the same question and aggregate the answers into a single post and this creates a very powerful and rich blog post.

Make sure that you let everyone in the post know when it’s live, so they can share the post with their audience, and giving you extra traffic.

crowdsourced - Six blog post types you should be using right now

This example from Estate Agent Today, compiles answers on the government’s autumn budget statement, taking opinions and insights from various influencers in the property market on how the budget will affect them and their businesses.

2. YouTube cut up Post

YouTube cut up type blog posts are fast to put together and create high-value content. There’s a little bit of everything; images, text and, of course, video. (check out those 5 video marketing ideas for estate agents)

Go out and look for a video that’s very popular on YouTube. Take screenshots from parts of the video and add your own descriptions about what is happening.

Check out this example from Lowe’s about how to paint a room. Note how they have embedded their video at the top with screenshots of certain tips and a description.

youtube cut up 1 - Six blog post types you should be using right now
youtube cut up 2 - Six blog post types you should be using right now

3. Interview Post

An interview post can be a great way to get influential people to contribute to your blog. This is because people are more willing to give you an interview than write a full article.

Emailing questions to an influencer and awaiting their written responses is a simple way to create a good interview post. (here is an example of an interview with Richard Blanco on How to be a successful landlord published by Property Division)

Another easy way for an influencer to give you an interview is through audio. All you have to do is call them and talk, but don’t forget to press the record button! You could then use this audio version of your interview as a podcast as well as transcribing it into a blog post to make the most out of this top-quality content.

interview post - Six blog post types you should be using right now

As this interview on PropertyWire shows, you can transcribe an interview conversation with an influencer and turn it into a rich interview blog post.

4. Quote Post

quote post 1 - Six blog post types you should be using right now
quote post 2 - Six blog post types you should be using right now
quote post 3 - Six blog post types you should be using right now

Who doesn’t love a quote from an influential person?

It is very simple to create a quote post by pulling together quotes from influential people. Remember to notify the people who you quote so they can share the post with their own audience to increase traffic.

A quote blog post could easily be turned into a great resource, such as an image or an infographic, for people to download or share.

5. Embed Reactor Post

Creating a simple embed and react blog post, is a great way to use somebody else’s content, hijack their authority and react to it accordingly. These content creators really want you to share their work so they can reach more people.

Reacting, whether positively or negatively, to embeddable media, such as a YouTube video, presentation or an infographic is a fast and simple way to create great content. Hint - check out for great infographics.

Embed a piece of media and write a reaction underneath, simple!

Watch this short clip from The Content Engine Execution Plan on Lonely Marketer...

6. Stat round-up Post

The stat round-up post works best when you can use statistics that you have produced. However, you can still curate stats from multiple locations to create a great statistics post.

A quick way to do that is by using sites such as RightMove, Zoopla or the Land Registry and creating stats based on your focused locations.

stat round up - Six blog post types you should be using right now

You can also react to statistics shown in an infographic that contains stats, just like Forbes have done on this article about The World’s Hottest Property Markets.

Are there any blog post types you are using in your marketing strategy, that we have not covered? Please email us with your comments and suggestions. 

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General FAQs

How many blog post types are there?

In this article we have listed our top 6 types of blogs but there are a lot more to discover. There are also community blogs, nonprofit blogs, live webcam blogs, live game screencast blogs, device type blogs, podcast blogs, various video blogs, and mixes of all types.

What are blog post types?

Are you running out of blog post ideas? Maybe that's because you only stick to one or 2 types of blog posts. There are many different types of blogs, some of which are very quick and easy to put together. From video to audio, from commentary to ever green, different blog post types will attract and engage different readers. 

How is a blog post different to an article?

A blog post (short for web log) is listed on a blog, where they are posted in reverse chronological order, while an article can be published in any traditional or digital publication (other than a blog!). Blog posts are usually written in the first person and personal in nature.

How many categories should a blog post have?

The optimal number varies based on the complexity of your site. However, for the sake of structure and usability, it is best that you utilise sub-categories and tags.If you post 2-10 times per month, you are better off with 5 generic categories that have fresh content rather than 30 top categories where the majority are not updated.

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