Twitter Quick Promote will go down a storm

What a difference a year makes! When watching The Motorway: Life in the Fast Lane on BBC iPlayer earlier this week, I was reminded that the winter of 2013/14 was the wettest on record since 1766.

viewplug - Twitter Quick Promote will go down a storm

I missed the original broadcast of this show on Sunday evening because I spent the entire afternoon of watching the three live football matches being broadcast on Sky Sports and domestic duties awaited me, not least the preparation of the evening meal.

Technology may give us control of when and where we watch TV, yet I still prefer my broadcast entertainment to be of the live variety. I think it’s down to the feeling it gives me that I was part of the event, not to mention that it keeps me up to date with events in real time and allows me to interact with other viewers via Twitter.

While I fully appreciate the benefits Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn can bring the business community, Twitter is the only platform that can place you at the centre of real-time events. It’s no wonder Twitter is known as social media’s equivalent of live TV.

How to improve engagement

But just as the demands of my domestic life prevent me from watching every live TV broadcast, it is even more difficult for your followers to interact and engage with every tweet your business sends out – even if you’ve kept the tweet simple, direct and…

  • It is less than 105 characters (this allows followers to retweet your output)
  • Includes a clear call to action, such as “download”, “free trial” and “sign up now”
  • Incorporates a visual element to your output; and
  • Uses trending hashtags

While it has long been possible to view the best bits of live TV broadcasts on a wide array of online and broadcast catch-up platforms – the BBC even packages the best bits of Sky’s football coverage under the Match of the Day brand – it has not been possible to get the full value of a tweet past its natural lifespan. Until now.

My favourite social network has introduced a Quick Promote feature that it describes as “a faster and easier way for small and medium-sized businesses to get their best content in front of a larger audience”.

Here is a Video explaining how Quick Promote works…

It’s always been possible to repost a tweet that failed to generate the level of engagement you expected, but Twitter says the business benefit of its new Quick Promote facility is “it’s best used for tweets that your Twitter analytics show have already resonating with your followers”. In other words, if your original tweet has already generated high levels of engagement, it makes sense to push it further – and harder.

Quick Promote works in three easy steps. First, log into your Twitter Analytics dashboard to learn which of your tweets have had the most reach. Next, select the tweet you want to boost before choosing from the budget options.

Why use Quick Promote?

A tweet sent out via Quick Promote will automatically be targeted to users who have interests similar to your followers – the audience that is most likely to be interested in your message.

Twitter product manager Buster Benson says: “Whether you’re tweeting about a new product, promotion or blog post, promoted tweets can help you drive measurable business results. We found that users who see a relevant promoted tweet from a small or medium-sized business are 32% more likely to visit that company.” You can’t argue with that.

But are you thinking this sounds similar to Facebook’s Boost Post? Me too. And you’re not wrong.

Just as the Boost option delivers the best return on investment when used on Facebook posts that promote your own unique content, encourage engagement and drive people back to your website, the same applies to Twitter output that receives the Quick Promote treatment.

When Facebook introduced its boosted posts option in 2013, it was promoted as a quick and easy way to expand your reach and share your information with the largest audience possible. “Set your own budget, boost a post and get ready to watch your opportunity for engagement grow,” the advocates said.

They will be offering very similar views about Twitter’s Quick Promote. Very soon.

But why use a facility that is already on offer from Facebook? When used correctly, Twitter is the only social media network that is designed to work in real time. It promotes live engagement and can deliver immediate returns. Quick Promote can give the packaged highlights of your Twitter output greater power of engagement than its original live broadcast. If only the many forms of catch-up TV could stand by that claim…

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