What does an SEO company do?

SEO is a word we hear in relation to the internet all the time. If you Google the topic you will find basic ways to implement SEO on your website yourself, but this begs the question: If I can do SEO myself, what does an SEO company do? The truth is that anyone can put SEO measures on their site to a degree but the tools that are accessible to the experts will prove more valuable than, for example, guessing keywords of your own. Here are some examples of what an SEO company will do for your website to ensure the best results.

increase conversion with images - What does an SEO company do?

A comprehensive website analysis

In order for the SEO company to do an effective job, they really need to understand your website. This entails a complete website analysis. If possible, the SEO company should request a complete outline and listing of every webpage in hierarchical sequence from their client. If the client doesn’t have this website analysis, then the SEO company should conduct it. This analysis provides a clearer understanding on how the website is structured, and the importance of each of the web pages – which can then later be controlled so that the search engines know which pages to scan for new content.

Keyword research and analysis.

As the internet is so saturated simply using a keyword that relates to your business may not work – the competition is likely to be too strong. For example if you run a blog about dogs simply using they keywords ‘dog’ ‘puppy’ or ‘dogs’ will be too broad and competitive. Equally if you’re writing about cities ‘London’ is not a strong keyword, because of this the SEO company needs to conduct a thorough keyword analysis to reveal which keywords drive the most internet traffic effectively, and in some cases, which of those keywords is less competitive. Those less competitive keywords can still drive good traffic.

Your explanation and/or report

Before theSEO company begins, they should provide you with a report that details exactly what keywords they have found to suit your site. This report will include a ranking comparison to show you where you come in at in relation to your main opposition. In this document they will make a suggestion as to the 5 or 10 key words that they feel are the strongest for you and explain how and where these keywords could be used across your site.

If you are happy with this report and agree with the findings they will then go ahead and alter your site accordingly. As you can see, the reason that an SEO company is so invaluable to a business is because of its expertise and time saving qualities that it can bring you.

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