What is Hosting?

A website can be the heart of many businesses and creates a first impression for potential clients looking for your company. If your website were to become unavailable, you could quickly and easily lose money and potential clients.

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Web hosting is a type of Internet hosting and is the method of making a website visible via the World Wide Web. Hosting companies provide leased space on their servers for their clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically via a data centre.

There are many different types of web hosting; here we explore the difference between just some of the most popular options…

Managed hosting is the dedication of a server on a dedicated infrastructure to your website. It is suitable for websites with steady volumes of traffic and high security requirements. With this type of hosting, managed services include website monitoring, reporting, security, admin and device control, plus back up and storage, tailored to your own needs. Operating via Microsoft Windows or RedHat Linux, your website should be guaranteed 100% network uptime and a one hour hardware fix.

Private cloud hosting offers dedicated virtual servers on a dedicated infrastructure, suitable for a site with a variable traffic with high peak loads. There will also be security and compliance concerns. Managed via Microsoft Windows or RedHat Linux operating systems, private cloud hosting includes managed services such as monitoring, reporting, security, admin, device control, back up and storage – all of which should be bespoke to the needs of your business.

Cloud servers are virtual, on-demand and operate through a shared infrastructure; perfect for test and developments sites in need of a fast scalability. Cloud tools include web based console access and bootable rescue mode. Snapshot based Cloud Server back-ups may also be an available option, as well as authoritative DNS hosting and management. Full root access to your Linux distribution or Windows should also be possible via your web administrator.

Hybrid hosting is a combination of dedicated servers with cloud technology. This combination is perfect for a site with variable or high traffic loads and security requirements. A combination of managed services and cloud tools should be made available to suit your requirements, across Microsoft Windows or RedHat Linux Operating Systems.

In choosing your web hosting providers you should first consider the requirements of the website that you need hosting. Keep in mind the database server software that you wish to host, the scripting software used and the operating system. Most providers offer Linux based hosting, as it is secure and reliable and enables them to offer a wide range of software. You may also wish to discuss email hosting for your business domain, database hosting or multimedia and streaming services. Some providers will also offer their clients the use of a CMS (Content Management System) to enable the client some independence and control over their website, otherwise you will have to rely on your administrators to make any updates to the site.



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