Why Responsive Design Is the Future

As smart phones and tablets become more and more ubiquitous web designers have had to rethink their design techniques.

WilliamsLynch Homepage Exam - Why Responsive Design Is the Future

We all know what it’s like to view a website built for a desktop on an iPhone for example. Often the screen’s un-adapted and it takes a lot of fiddling around to read the information.

However, the good news is that there’s a way of getting round this problem. Whereas before, the only option was to create varying different screens, which were costly and time-wasting, Responsive Design came onto the scene and offered a preferable alternative.

So….what exactly IS Responsive Design?

A good definition is that Responsive Design is a website that responds to whatever device happens to be accessing it. The approach means that while one site is designed, it’s specified through the design and coding as to how it should appear on varying devices. Effectively it’s about providing continuity between different viewing platforms – which means that a website will have the same optimised layout regardless of the device on which it’s loaded.

What Are The Advantages?

1. Convenience

The bonus is that your site will be very easily accessible on any type of device and your business has the potential of being in front of your potential consumers every step of the way. However, if you have a site designed for desktops, your customers may become frustrated by the inability to navigate through the tablet or smartphone and could give up altogether!

2. Simplified SEO

Responsive sites also simplify internet marketing and SEO. Additionally, it makes it easier for businesses to take a unified approach to content management, as there’s only one site and set of analytics to manage.

3. Saving Money

One benefit is that you will save money. Imagine having one site for an iPhone, one for an iPad and one for an Android! That could get pretty pricey and most business owners don’t want to spend that kind of money.

4. Relevancy

With Responsive Design you won’t have to play catch-up all the time.  In fact, your site will be future-friendly and won’t have to continually adapt to new interfaces etc.

5. Beat The Competition

Responsive Design is a great way to beat the competition as there’s a strong chance that your competition is not implementing it as it’s still relatively new. The great thing is that visitors to your site would get a much better experience than on your competitor’s and hopefully convert into a strong lead.

So as you can see, Responsive Design is the way forward for businesses looking to get ahead of the game. The convenience and flexibility of these websites mean they will become the norm in the next few years. Make sure you don’t miss out! If you need help, just give us a call on 020 8543 4320.



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