Why Social Media jobs WON’T become obsolete anytime soon…

Workpolis, a job search site based in Canada, has released the results of a survey which claimed that in ten years due to advancing technology, social media jobs will become obsolete.

4 take a mobile first approach - Why Social Media jobs WON’T become obsolete anytime soon...

Before digital marketers everywhere start quaking in their boots, I’d like to bring a few facts to their attention.  Workpolis largely claims that everyone will be social media savvy by then – as a wave of the digital generation move into responsible positions in marketing, having grown up with social media as an intrinsic part of their world. However, one could very well say that about numerous technological changes and developments over the last 100 years.

For example, back in the eighties, those who knew how to use computers were considered pretty damned smart. However, now even a five year old knows how to reboot a computer and no one would proclaim to be Einstein for simply understanding how to send an email. Once upon a time, even the humble radio was a mystical machine that only early adopters who knew how to build their own radios had the ability to use. If you’re not sure how to operate a radio today, the incredulous stares you’d get would be enough to make you wither on the spot!

The point being that simply because you know how to do something doesn’t make you a genius at it. Dear reader, I know how to drive a car, but you’re unlikely to see me at Brand’s Hatch any time soon. I can pick up a video camera and shoot, but I’m not about to get employed as a video editor, as it’s not my speciality. However, I can wield a pen relatively dexterously, hence making my journalist and PR skills rather indispensible.  Most people in the UK can write, this doesn’t mean they know how to write in a way that would make them employable in my industry. It’s the same with social media. Who can’t work out how to post an update on Facebook? Well, recent examples of some of the idiotic comments and posts made by people on social media sites, illustrate that the average intelligence of a user may not be that high. The same applies for Twitter. I mean even my grandma knows how to take a selfie – this doesn’t make her a guru on par with Seth Godin.

Therefore the idea that somehow social media experts are set to become redundant is a moot point. In my opinion the article’s just an attempt to get publicity, by coming up with a badly thought out, yet sensationalist viewpoint, which has no bearing in reality. However, one thing’s for certain; marketers and businesses who use social media incorrectly and don’t truly understand the internet will very likely find themselves redundant. Those who are stuck in the 90s when it comes to strategy, those who spam their customers, who have no idea about how to create a coherent, results-based social media campaign and who don’t keep up to date with new technology and tools  yes; they could find themselves out of a job (but probably faster than in ten years time)!

Employing a social media “expert” (be very suspicious by the way of anyone who calls themselves that), is the same as any other hire. You employ people because of their expertise, because they know how to do something better than you and save you time doing it. Ultimately this is the only reason one hires any type of consultant. Why would that be any different when it comes to social media and digital marketing?

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