Why the phrase “Content is King” applies MORE than ever

Content can be dull. There, I said it! Unoriginal articles popping up every day, with the same ideas, telling you how great company X is  – yawn.

google penguin4 - Why the phrase “Content is King” applies MORE than ever

However, what’s become even more evident over the last few years is that great content is more important than ever. This is because EVERY business is using social media and networks are more cluttered than ever before. Average blogs pop up seemingly just to fill a gap and the few networks that seem to have got it right – such as BuzzFeed for example – truly do stand out.  A lot of companies seem to think that they should rigorously schedule content too. But rather than putting out lots of content, why not create great content instead? Stuff that makes people sit up and pay attention. That draws people to you as a person, as a brand and a company.

Here are some pointers as to make your content the most royal of the kings:

Chill out on the frequency

Admittedly there’s a lot of pressure to post incessantly on social media networks. The general belief is that you should post at least once a day – but surely just posting once a week is more effective if you have more time to spend on that blog? For example, if one blog a day takes one hour, or five hours a week, you’ll have less time to spend on the article than if you just do one blog a week. This one blog could be really well-thought out and insightful – ultimately, it’s quality versus quantity.

Get it in front of the right people

If you have an incredible piece of content, it’s no good if no one sees it. You need to make sure the right people get access to it. Not only your target base on social networks, but also key influencers who could share your stuff. The more you manage to get your incredibly constructed content in front of the right people, the more your message will get out there and the more you’ll build your brand and your reputation.

Be imaginative

Don’t delete the content calendar right yet – but have a think about the right resources and how you are going to make the most of them. Feel free to let your imagination run wild. Look at who is successfully using social media channels and try to emulate them. How about YouTube? Create something to appeal to your target audience. Take some time and know what networks suit your audience. Remember, that just one outstanding video will be remembered much more widely than a so-so video. Why not get out and about and make a fun video chatting to people on the street? Perhaps even a mini film – who knows!

Track the results

If you want to know what content is successful make sure you track it. Be it through social media tracking tools or Google Analytics, if something goes viral, you want to make sure you know about it! That way, going forward you’ll be able to make sure you continue to create awesome content to keep your audience engaged and interested in your business.


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