Why estate and letting agents should advertise on Facebook

To run a successful marketing campaign, estate or letting agents should first consider what channels their target audience uses the most.

And when it comes to home sellers, buyers, renters or landlords, I can bet you anything that most of them use Facebook on a daily basis.

advertising on facebook - Why estate and letting agents should advertise on Facebook


To fully understand why Facebook ads can be such a great tool for an estate agent, it’s best to get to grips with the difference from its main competitor – Google Adwords.

How does Google differ from Facebook?

Adwords works like this…

  • A user searches for, say, estate agents in Wimbledon;
  • Your Google ad appears at the top of page one of their search results;
  • The user clicks on the ad…


We’re aware that the ads Google users see are influenced by their online activity. If, for example, you use your Gmail account to exchange messages about moving house then you are more than likely to see adverts from estate agents in your area.

But what if the property owner in Wimbledon hasn’t yet considered putting their home on the market? Your target audience will not be searching on Google for a solution to a problem they do not know they have. In other words, you can only fulfil existing demand.

Not only that, there are a limited number of keywords for estate agents in Wimbledon – or anywhere else for that matter – and if you have a large number of competitors bidding for a limited set of keywords, Google Adwords can become very expensive.

The great thing about Facebook advertising, on the other hand, is it targets real people with real interests, not keywords.

How to advertise my business on Facebook?

1. Start by choosing your objective

To make the best use of Facebook ads every business must first set an objective for the campaign. The ad manager section of your Facebook account offers no less than 15 options.

  • Brand awareness
  • Clicks to website
  • Desktop app engagement
  • Desktop app installs
  • Event responses
  • Lead generation
  • Local awareness
  • Mobile app engagement
  • Mobile app installs
  • Offer claims
  • Page likes
  • Page post engagement
  • Product catalogue sales
  • Video views
  • Website conversions

A large number of businesses from all sectors use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to their website or send users to a dedicated landing page containing an offer for a specific product or service, such as 10% letting management fees.

In our experience, the best type of ads for doing this are page post links (also known as newsfeed ads) that run on desktop and mobile.

As its name suggests, these ads appear on a Facebook user’s newsfeed and can be used for the majority of objectives mentioned above.

2. Set your audience

The real beauty of Facebook advertising is it allows a business to define exactly who sees your campaign.

If you are an estate agent who wants to generate enquiries from landlords with properties in a five-mile radius of Wimbledon or vendors who want to move out of London because they are expecting a baby, Facebook advertising is an invaluable marketing tool.

Facebook already knows a great deal of information about its users, such as their age, location, marital status, employment, hobbies and interests and even the type of property they own or rent.

And because it tracks every user’s posts, Facebook can identify the most narrow demographic – including landlords and mothers to be.

The site’s advert creation tool allows you to customise your target demographic. This means you can decide on the age, location, gender and income of the people who see your Facebook ad campaign.

But it gets better.

Businesses can also target an ultra-precise demographics, such as landlords with full-time jobs aged between 35 and 55 or mothers-to-be who are living in a one-bed flat in Wimbledon with their partner.

Not only that, Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences facility allows your ad to appear in front of users who share your customised audience’s traits.

Facebook’s precision marketing capabilities also extend to the option of setting the time of day your advert is displayed. This means that if you are aware that your target audience uses
Facebook between 6pm and 9pm because they have full-time jobs, your ad spend will not be wasted by displaying the campaign at times of the day your target audience is not online.

Want to know more?

Art Division is a digital marketing agency that specialises in running Facebook campaigns for businesses that operate in the property sector. To learn how you can maximise your social media advertising budget and generate more pre-qualified leads and enquiries, contact Art Division for genuinely useful help and advice.

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