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Objectives and Requirements

Peach Properties approached us to help them increase their enquiries through their website. They had just updated the look and feel of the site, but were not generating much through it.

Our Approach

Before bringing more visitors to the site we had to improve the overall user experience, introduce call to actions and add property tracking to assess the results. We started by upgrading their website, using the existing design but introducing call to actions across all pages and installing a new back end system (WordPress) to allow us to add new pages and optimise them accordingly.

Their existing site was not mobile responsive, so we had to address this before launching a new ongoing marketing campaign aimed at engaging the local community, ranking the website more highly in Google for selected relevant phrases, boosting their blog content through Facebook, and running a PPC campaign with Google.

PeachProperties Properties Example - Peach PropertiesSpecialist Digital Leafleting Campaign

In addition to the ongoing marketing campaign we were asked, as a trial, to run a digital leafleting campaign targeting local vendors through Facebook. This involved planning and setting up relevant landing pages, banner ads and structuring a campaign in Facebook to engage with local homeowners. Just as a traditional leaflet distribution, delivering the message through the letterbox, our campaign aimed to deliver our message directly to homeowners, engaging them to book a free valuation.  Unlike the traditional approach, which relies on the ‘right timing’, we were able to engage on a regular basis over the course of the campaign, significantly increasing the chance of conversion.

The Results

The digital leafleting campaign was a great success, generating a healthy number of valuation requests. According to our client, the three months during which we ran this campaign were their business for the year.

Our digital marketing services were no less impressive.

The overall increase from our campaign year on year has recorded:

  • 25% increase in traffic
  • 46% increase in page views
  • 11% reduction in bounce rate
  • 36% increase in visitors from mobile devices
  • 133% increase in sales valuation requests
  • 200% in lettings valuation requests

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