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Do you know where your leads come from? What channels bring you the best return? What messages attract most of your enquiries? Most business owners don’t and are taking decisions blindly. 

Do you know where your leads come from? What channels bring you the best return? What messages attract most of your enquiries? Most business owners don’t and are taking decisions blindly.

why track everything?

Most websites are now connected to a Google analytics account, which provides data about the usage of a site (such as traffic, bounce backs, completed goals, visited pages). Having access to all this data is only useful if you know what it means. Only then, can you act.

Advertising pioneer, John Wanamaker, once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”. He was right, and he made this statement over 100 years ago.

Today, if you run any kind of marketing campaign you MUST track the results so you can find out exactly which part of your marketing works to avoid wasting your money.

Google Display is made up of over 2 million sites, reaching millions of people daily. 

To create a successful display campaign, you need to know your customers and, depending on your business goals, define your targeting methods to get them engaged. Our team are here to help you do just that.

What is the difference between reporting and analysis?

Many people use the terms “reporting” and “analysis” as though they were interchangeable. While both these areas of web analytics draw upon the same collected web data, reporting and analysis are very different in terms of their purpose, tasks, outputs, delivery, and value.

Reporting is the process of organising data into informational summaries to monitor how different areas of a business are performing and be alerted to when data falls outside of expected ranges.

Analysis is the process of exploring data and reports to extract meaningful insights. These insights can be used to better understand and improve business performance. The goal of analysis is to answer questions by interpreting the data and providing actionable recommendations.

What exactly do we offer?

We run a variety of marketing campaigns for our clients each month, many on several channels and after different customer segments. So, to inform our clients of the work undertaken and the results delivered, by default, we produce monthly reports as part of our service.

Our reports are tailored to the campaigns we run. We use different tools and systems to help us access and analyse this data, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush, various of pixels and an awful lot of experience.

Some of our clients commission us to perform a detailed analysis of their data to improve their conversions. Typically, these analytical reports are done quarterly, half yearly or annually. Once we provide actionable recommendations, these take time to implement. Based on the results of this analysis, we provide actionable recommendations which we assist the client to implement.

Whether you just need monthly reports or an in-depth analysis of your website performance data, we have the experience and knowledge of how to process your data and add value to your business by making the necessary recommendations for improvement.

Art Division is a Google Partner

Our Google Partner status means we get direct access to Google’s team to assist with campaigns.

What would you do if you know exactly how to increase sales?

Will you take action?

Data Analysis and Reporting Pricing

Our monthly reports are included in the fee we charge to manage a campaign. From time to time we are asked to produce a more detailed one-off report, for which we charge a fixed fee, according to the time we estimate it’ll take to produce.

Budgets for ad spend (clicks or impressions) are separate and are payable in addition to our fees.

Our hourly rate is charged at £85+VAT.

​What Our Clients Say About Us...

The strength of Art Division, through all the activities they have done, means we not only have a website that looks fantastic, it’s actually fit for purpose and produces quantity and quality enquiries which is ultimately resulting in great conversions. I would recommend Art Division to lots and lots of acquaintances and business colleagues, they are very good at what they do.

bdm neil jennings - Data Analysis and Reporting
Neil Jennings
Assetgrove Lettings

Art Division’s team has worked closely with us for a number of years and is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. In a field which can seem quite complex, they always manage to explain in simple terms the complexities of social media and PR.

eh1 - Data Analysis and Reporting
Ajaye Gopal
Eden Harper Estate Agents

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