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Start generating predictable revenue with targeted, measurable digital marketing.

Start generating predictable revenue with targeted, measurable digital marketing.

There's no point investing in marketing activities that are not connected by a common goal.

As DigitalMarketer Certified Partners, we use a tried and tested approach called the Customer Value Journey (CVJ) to turn strangers into customers, and customers into brand advocates.

We offer a one-day intensive digital marketing campaign development program aimed to develop a solid strategy and campaign foundation for a specific customer segment (for example landlords, vendors or buyers).

We will work, together with your decision makers, to physically build the foundation for your online customer acquisition campaign.

The 4 components to this intensive program include:


​Mapping your sales process and customer journey, which will serve as your complete digital strategy.


​Planning your content strategy to start competing in Google and driving social traffic to your campaign.


​Planning any landing pages, website CTA (call-to-action), sales forms, and thank-you pages.


​Developing the framework for your opt-in and email workflow lead nurturing strategy.


Component 1. 

Developing your campaign strategy by mapping your Customer Value Journey.

(2 hours)

There are three main ingredients in our first section:

  • Customer Avatar Canvas - here we decipher who we are marketing to. This includes where they are based, marital status, income bracket, interests, what websites they go to, etc.
  • The Before and After Grid - this is where we focus on their pain points and define the transformation that your services will deliver to your potential customers. This worksheet defines the core message in every piece of copy, graphic or web page. 
  • The Customer Value Journey - this is our favourite part of the process because this is where we take our Customer Avatar and plan out the sequence in which they become your customer. In order to create a predictable marketing funnel, it’s crucial that your strategy follows a set of touch-points that move your prospect closer to a sale.

Deliverable: Completed outline for your entire digital marketing / customer acquisition strategy.


Component 2. 

Developing your editorial calendar by understanding your audience’s pain and passion points, and what they are searching for online.

(2 hours)

In this section we will focus on planning your content strategy. In order to attract relevant traffic to your website, all content you create needs to add undeniable value to your target customer. So, we need to research and understand what content your customer finds most valuable.

We do this by:

  1. Asking you and your team to share the most commonly asked questions and problems your customers face on a regular basis.
  2. Using our own advanced marketing tools to research the highest trending topics and key words that will generate the best click rates.

We will then compile a list of topics you can expand on over the coming months.

We will provide a list of suggestions for future blog posts, pages and downloads that you can use in your campaign. Note that we won't be writing any blogs as part of this program. The aim of this exercise is to create a plan for your content marketing over the coming months. 


Component 3. 

How to convert prospects into paying customers with an irresistible offer strategy and sales page optimized for conversion.

(2 hours)

In this section, we will assess your current website and its ability to convert your ideal prospects. 

We will provide you with a list of recommendations for improvement to your website and our suggestions for any new landing pages required for your campaign. 

Deliverable: We will provide a list of suggested website improvements, landing pages and calls to action.


Component 4. 

Converting website visitors into an engaged community of prospects with a lead magnet and nurturing strategy.

(2 hours)

In this section, we will develop the foundation for a subscription offer that will be used in your live campaign to convert website traffic into a pipeline of prospects.

This will include the concept of a "lead magnet" (or a bait) which you can use in your campaign to attract your ideal prospects as well as the email series that will be used to nurture those leads and encourage them to enquire.

Deliverable: Outline the content of your lead magnet and email workflow, that will be used in your live campaign to convert and nurture leads.

Art Division is a Google Partner

Our Google Partner status means we get direct access to Google’s team to assist with campaigns.

How can small and medium size agencies attract more prospecting clients in today’s competitive market?

We say: through well targeted, sequential marketing campaigns

Digital Strategy Pricing

Our one-day intensive digital marketing campaign development program is charged at £1,500+VAT and costs for travel/expenses for meetings outside the Greater London area.

​What Our Clients Say About Us...

Previously we had become somewhat disheartened by our own attempts at implementing marketing strategies, but now that we’ve been to Nelly's Strategy Workshop we see how effective marketing can be at attracting the ideal clients, when used correctly.

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Omar Shaker
Closefield Property

Art Division’s team has worked closely with us for a number of years and is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. In a field which can seem quite complex, they always manage to explain in simple terms the complexities of social media and PR.

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Ajaye Gopal
Eden Harper Estate Agents

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