20 Best Estate Agents & Letting Agents Website Designs To Use For Inspiration

What makes a great estate agency website? Could it be the functionality or the usability? Or just that it simply looks great?

Most of the time you can’t put your finger on what makes one website better than another, just the innate “It-factor” that makes it stand out from the crowd.

We have gone through hundreds and hundreds of estate and letting agency websites and narrowed our favourites down to a shortlist of 20.

We will discuss the things we like about each website and why we have chosen them for our best 20 Estate Agent websites list!

20 Best Estate Agents Websites Design

1. Keatons 

Keatons best estate agent website example

This very modern and mobile-friendly site has big and bright colours, matching the bold wording that grabs your attention from the beginning. Your eyes will be drawn to the big images on show due to the clean spacing surrounding them. 

This is a very different site to most agents' site out there and we think Keaton's design team have done a great job!

Website link - https://www.keatons.com/

2. Greater London Properties

Greater London Properties website

A smart and simple colour scheme that matches the smooth navigation. We really like the Frequently Asked Questions on the home page as well as the video banner. 

There are very detailed guides for all aspects of buying and selling property as well as renting your home.

3. Wetherell

Wetherell estate agents website

This website has a very simple layout, but the beautiful images and the smart fonts make it stand out from others.

The 25 Wetherell Facts is an excellent piece of content, name dropping some of their most famous clients.

Website link - https://wetherell.co.uk/

4. Butler & Stag

Butler & Stag website

The blue and pink colour scheme is really smart and the layout with the various sized square and rectangular features is excellent. I really like the stag icon for the live chat.

As well as listing their properties for sale and their properties for let, they also list the rooms that are available to rent, something unique to the rest of the websites we have reviewed.

Website link - https://www.butlerandstag.uk/


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5. Cantell & Co

Cantell & Co website

This classy website has a great colour scheme. We like the square navigation images with the blue overlay. The guides to the procedures of buying and selling a property is very in depth.

This is a really simple website that is done really well, one criticism would be that the paragraph text is too small.

Website link - https://www.cantellandco.com/

6. ​Nested


​This website is a great example of a fresh and clean layout with a simple colour scheme, great photography and a easy to use navigation.

​Whilst this website doesn't have the area guides that others may have, their blogs make up for it, with in-depth information on a wide range of topics.

Website link - ​https://nested.com/

7. Stow Brothers

Stow Brothers estate agents website

​We really like this website, feels modern and fresh. Lots of bright images and a great story about how the brothers got started are the main features of the home page.

The property listings are very informative including information about how far the nearest London Underground stations are.

Website link - https://www.stowbrothers.com/

8. Nicol & Co

Nicol & Co estate and letting agents

This website has a classic purple and green colour scheme that has great icons and clean images.

If you go deeper into the website, you will find some great step-by-step guides to the various services that they offer.

Website link - https://www.nicolandco.co.uk/

9. Crane & Co

Crane & Co best estate agency award winners 2019

As you will see on a few of our top websites, video makes up a lot of the content. You can see a video banner as well as video testimonials and property films.

It is a very clean website and features plenty of moving features.

Website link -  http://craneandco.co.uk/

10. Portico

Portico estate agents

This website features a ​great cartoon-esque ​top banner that slides between different aspects of London life.

We love the layout of this website, the icons are different to anything we have reviewed and the colour scheme is marvellous!

Website link - https://www.portico.com/


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11. Northfields

Northfields website example

Another example of an excellent video backdrop being used on the website's home page.

This website features lots of clear calls to action as well as a bright social media wall that is different to the normal feeds you see on websites.

Website link - https://www.northfields.co.uk/

12. Alexander & Co

Alexander & Co letting and estate agents

This website sees a slightly different layout to most estate and letting agents' websites, with the headings and content being split down two columns.

Every feature has its own colour too which makes each bit of information stand out from the rest.

Website link - ​https://www.alexanderandco.co.uk/

13. Jeffrey Ross

Jeffrey Ross estate agents

​We really like the cartoon imagery that they have used for their icons as well as the spinning estate agent board icon which is great.

This website features really informative area guides that include a comprehensive list of the local amenities, things to do and places to eat.

Website link - https://www.jeffreyross.co.uk/

14. Best Gapp

Best Gapp

This website (designed by Art Division) is full of detailed guides on the services that they offer as well as a classy black, white and yellow colour scheme.

​We like the simple navigation and the beautiful images of London.

Website link - https://bestgapp.co.uk/

15. Bradleys Estate Agents

Bradleys Estate Agents

The video call to action certainly draws your eye and it will take you to their latest housing market update video.

There is a big use of video content on this website, their landing pages for each office features a video tour of each local area.

Website link - https://www.bradleys-estate-agents.co.uk/

16. East of Exe

East of Exe estate agents

A website with a simple layout but bright images and a bold orange colour that makes it stand out. Lots of great video content spread throughout the website.

​We really like the literation of each of the main headings that starts with EX, very clever!

Website link - https://www.eastofexe.co.uk/

17. ​Cheffins


​I really like the layout of this website. The navigation is large with great images which make it really stand out.

Each department page is full of the right information and very easy to read.

Website link - ​https://www.cheffins.co.uk/

18. Atkinson McLeod

Atkinson McLeod

This website is very pleasant on the eye, we love the orange, white and blue colour scheme and there is plenty of icon movement on the home page that draws the eye.

They have plenty of detailed area guides, covering almost all of London.

Website link - https://www.atkinsonmcleod.com/

19. Conran Estates

Conran Estates

​We really like the infographic on each of the dedicated pages to their various offices. They give you a overview of the local property market, something not seen on many of the websites reviewed.

There is plenty of video content and a really nice layout.

Website link - https://conranestates.co.uk/

20. Bourne

Bourne Estate Agents

​Plenty of detailed information on this website. We really like the stamp duty calculator that is on each of the properties for sales' details. 

The area guides are full of information and contact details for all the best schools in the area.

Website link - ​https://www.bourneestateagents.com/

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Website Design FAQs

​What makes a really good website design for estate or letting agents?

​Several factors such as consistency, colours, typography, imagery, simplicity and functionality all contribute to good website design for estate and letting agents. A good website design considers the user and the intent behind why they are visiting your website or pages. 

​What is important in an estate agent website design?

​The most important element in a good website design for estate or letting agents is the Calls to Action and the user experience. Buyers visit such websites to look at available properties while sellers to book a valuation. It's important to allow the users to find what they are after easily and quickly.

​What should you consider when designing a website for a real estate agent?

When designing a website for a real estate agency you should consider your ideal customers and their intent. Why would a vendor visit this website and what information would they require. How can you move them from where they are now to their desired place, by encouraging their next step. 

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