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Email Marketing for the property sector

Gone are the days when email marketing was simply about putting a newsletter together and sending it to everyone on your list, even contacts you have accumulated 10 years ago at a networking event. Email Marketing done properly can increase your repeat business and conversions.

Gone are the days when email marketing was simply about putting a newsletter together and sending it to everyone on your list, even contacts you have accumulated 10 years ago at a networking event. Email Marketing done properly can increase your repeat business and conversions.

Does Email Marketing Still work?

In today’s market, especially with GDPR now firmly in place, email marketing is about sending each of your audiences a message that resonates with them.
Someone who bought a house 5 years ago could be interested in market updates from a local agent but will not be interested in looking at the latest properties for rent this agent has on their books.

Email marketing is cheap, it’s fast, it’s trackable and highly effective – especially when done well. Most importantly, email marketing can easily work as part of a marketing funnel, especially alongside other channels such as Facebook and Google.

There are many tools providing this service, and we have worked with several of them to deliver our messages (our preferred email marketing tool is Active Campaign), but in the core of every successful campaign is a well-planned email strategy.

We believe that email marketing should not work in isolation. It should be structured as part of a bigger campaign with a common goal.

So, if you are looking to increase your sales or repeat business and believe email marketing should be an integral part of your campaign, get in touch.

How do you Grow your subscribers list?

Attracting subscribers is the 3rd step from our 8 steps customer value journey.

Today, people are careful about giving out their email address. So, you have to offer something valuable that makes it worth their while. For example, if you want to attract landlords a great way to do so is to give away a free guide, a free book, invite them to a webinar or offer them a report that will help with a future investment.

It’s essential that all of your data is organic and has been opted in.
Don’t have that data? Don’t worry.

We’re experts at lead generation, meaning we can help you to build a database of contacts that will respond positively to your marketing campaigns. Not only will this make your email marketing more effective, but it will help you keep your database GDPR compliant.

How Does Art Division design and put those emails together?

As most of our clients are in the property sector (such as estate and letting agents) our experience is with setting up emails campaigns aimed at landlords, vendors, buyers or tenants.

And we are not talking about emails with the latest properties available to view – those typically are done by the agents through their CRM system.

The emails we produce aim to build trust, credibility, answer questions or solve problems, who in turn encourage the prospects to progress to the next step of the value journey – conversion. 

The best emails to achieve this goal are the simple emails, with a level of personalisation and engagement.

But if we need to design a more striking, newsletter type email, we can do that too. Just ask!

Do you know that email marketing brings in £44 for every £1 spent?

Don’t miss out on all those opportunities. 

Email Marketing Pricing

Email marketing is something we offer as part of a digital marketing campaign with a specific goal. Therefore, all pricing for email content creation is charged based on the number of hours or days we need to plan, build and manage your campaigns.

We will assess your campaigns and provide a quote for the time our team will need to setup your campaign. This will be a one-off charge.

We will then provide you with a quote for the number of hours we require on a monthly basis to manage the campaign and ensure the best ROI. The monthly subscription fee to use an email marketing tool will be changed separately.

Our hourly rate is charged at £85+VAT.

​What Our Clients Say About Us...

The team is extremely knowledgeable and is always ready to provide advice, always up to date and one step ahead of everything.

Michelle Antoni
Paramount Properties

We engaged with Art Division to build our new website and run a digital marketing campaign in order to increase our enquiries, as they came recommended and we also liked their personal approach. As a result, the month following the launch of the website was the busiest of the year for us. What we like most about working with the team is that they are one stop shop for both web and marketing. Please keep providing ideas on how we can improve our marketing.

Marji Adeyinka
M&M Property
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