​Remarketing (retargeting)​

Do you ever get the feeling that a brand or product you have previously expressed an interest in is following you around the web?

That’s remarketing!

Do you ever get the feeling that a brand or product you have previously expressed an interest in is following you around the web? That’s remarketing!

Reconnect with prospects

Reconnect With Your Prospects

Remarketing is a digital marketing technique which involves using insights you have stored about different audiences to tailor your ads more specifically to them.

There are more ways than ever to use remarketing and where once it was a novelty or add-on feature for many advertising platforms, it’s now a fundamental part of all the marketing we do and we consider remarketing to be a must-have element of all new and existing paid search campaigns that we manage. 

We typically run remarketing campaigns on Facebook and the Google Display Network (this includes YouTube) as well as through Google search (you can tailor your pay-per-click ads for people who have already visited your website).

retargeting ad types

Types of Remarketing Adverts

​There are 2 types of remarketing ads we run:

  • Traditional ads – these are ads specifically created to bring prospects back to your site or raise brand awareness.
  • Dynamic ads – we use these ads when looking to attract new buyers or tenants and increase viewing requests. These ads are dynamically generated, using the property feeds from our clients’ websites, and show the exact properties a prospect has viewed previously.

Our team are here to get your remarketing set up in the most effective way possible, to maximise your ROI.

​Through Google remarketing you can reach visitors as they browse over 2 million websites & apps.

​Are you taking advantage?

​​Remarketing Pricing

We offer Remarketing as part of an ongoing campaign. 

However, we also offer Remarketing as a stand-alone service to estate and letting agents looking to increase their viewing requests via their website or attract new buyers and tenants to their site.

We charge a one-off set up charge and an ongoing monthly management fee depending on the time required to manage your campaign.

Budgets for ad spend (clicks or impressions) are separate and are payable in addition to our fees.

Our hourly rate is charged at £85+VAT.

Art Division is a Google Partner

Our Google Partner status means we get direct access to Google’s team to assist with campaigns.

​What Our Clients Say About Us...

The team are great to work with and are constantly in touch with fresh ideas for various aspects of the site. The whole site has become a much more friendly system to use for both us as the owners of the site and also clients who are finding us on page 1 of Google now.

A Boscawen
Best Gapp Estate Agents

​Our website traffic had increased by 52% when compared the same month 12 months prior - this has had a very big impact on the number of enquiries. Our sales negotiators are keeping very busy indeed.

Charlotte Simons
​Robert Leech Estate Agents
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