5 video marketing ideas for real estate agents

The vast majority of UK estate agents don’t use video to engage with potential clients, but the importance of video marketing cannot be ignored.

video marketing 1 - 5 video marketing ideas for real estate agents

Why video, you might be asking? According to Cisco, by 2019 video will account for 80% of global consumer internet traffic. Video has been proved to increase conversions, leads and sales, expand marketing reach, enhance engagement, and boost your bottom line. You can also expect a good return on investment.

So, how can you work a video into your marketing strategy? How can you use video to engage with your audience? We’ve put together a list of the types of videos you, as an estate agent, might like to try.

We’ve also provided an example video with each to help bring these ideas to life for you:

1. Property tours

Property photos have their limitations. If you invest in 360-degree videos as well as photos, it will be easier for potential buyers or tenants to see inside a property and get a feel for the layout. This allows the buyer/tenant to make a more informed decision as to whether to book a viewing. Likewise, your clients will want as much promotion of their property as possible. In using both video and photography, you’ll be able to offer something more than your competitors, which incentivises a potential client to choose your services.


2. Local area tours

If you want to communicate the message that you are a ‘local’ agent, why not create a series of videos to work alongside your area guides? Each video can provide a unique snapshot of an area you specialise in. To make the video more personal, the guide can give his or her ‘top tips’ for the local area, highlighting the best/their recommended cafes, shops, attractions and amenities. This will give viewers a sense of the neighbourhood, helping them decide whether they might want to buy/rent in the area.



3. Client testimonials

Why not ask a satisfied client (vendor, tenant, landlord, buyer) to provide feedback about your business or service? Feature their testimonial in a video and include it on your website. This is first-hand evidence that you’ve done a good job in the past and will likely do a good job in the future.


4. Answering FAQs/visitor queries

Put together a selection of typically-asked client questions, then answer these questions in a video. Be informative but remember: humour never hurts. Answering questions put to you by visitors or potential clients on a video is more engaging and personal than a written list of FAQs and answers on a page on your website.



5. Meet the team profiles

Create an introductory video profiling each member of your team, or at least the people who will be meeting with clients. This will allow potential clients a look ‘behind-the-scenes’, giving the impression that you’re a friendly, open and approachable group of people, which in turn builds trust and credibility, encouraging them to choose you as their agent.



Video marketing and call to actions

Remember to include a call to action in your video (for estate agents, this might be to request a free valuation form or a property viewing, if it’s a property tour) and any relevant links. Studies suggest that by putting a video on a landing page you can increase conversions by 80%. Decide what action you want your visitor to take, and make sure it is clearly written and the call to action icon easy to see.


Video and email marketing

Do you send clients and potential clients information via email? Do you send out a monthly e-newsletter? Well, studies show that click through rate increases by 96% if an email is sent with a video. To do this, insert a screenshot image of the video window with a link to the actual video online (it is best to link to a video on YouTube). However, some of your email marketing recipients may be blocking the receipt of images through email. To get around this, the alt attribute can be call to action text, asking recipients to open the video file.

Video isn’t the easiest thing to create, and create well. Time, and a level of investment, is needed to produce a video. But for businesses – and estate agents in particular – who want to stand out from their competitors, video is a good way to offer value to your visitors while boosting engagement and driving conversions and sales. To succeed with video marketing, be sure to share your videos on the best social platforms for your audience, and publish them on relevant pages on your business website.

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